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I got excited for the current gen back in the summer of 2005.

Don't give two scoops of shit for the next gen. And it has nothing to do with any of the bs people are crying about currently. I'm just in it for the long haul with the 360.

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Who the hell cares......

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I'd also suggest craigslist or if you have a real hobby store in your city, you can go down there and ask if you can put up a flyer.

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Sleep mode unless I will be gone over the weekend.

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No install option but with the latest patch, the game plays fine. I had no bugs/crashes/save issues... nothing.

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Kept my arm, don't recall the thing with Kenny, gave my weapon up, Clem shot her kidnapper, let her save the bullet.

I'm sorry but I was getting really sick of there being walkers every damn place. Kenny died in a really stupid and moronic way. I mean Lee getting bit from a walker hiding in the trash is really stupid and a cheesy way of doing it but anyway. I found this eps to be really dull and the pacing to be tedious. The street and little shop scenes just dragged and I thought it made the ending suck.

Overall I think the game was ok but not great. The kidnapper thing was really lame and I think going after the boat bastards would of been a far better way to end the game. And yeah wtf is up with her in the field? At least show us that it was impossible to make it to the train.

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Thats not a bad amount of games. I've been around the 50 mark for longer then a year. And I've had a backlog since the day I got the Xbox 360. I embrace it. Means my investment will outlast the last retail game that is released.

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It'll take a few rounds of releases before we start seeing something really better.

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Taco Bell is fine when your 21 but soon after you will find that Taco Johns is a much much better place for your quick taco needs.

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Reviews and people's comments are worth something but to me gameplay videos tell me the most.