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I like to watch anime. No offense to Moosey, Davey and Smashe, but I'd rather ram spiky, glowing hot, rusty pokers in my ears than listen to anime fans talk about anime.

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I came in here to say almost the exact same thing I said page one, only now I've (long ago) finished it, and was even less impressed with it than I was then after having slogged through the latter half. It's my least favorite Zelda except for maybe 2 and Spirit Tracks.

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This schism in game design has been happening for a long time now. Some studios do gameplay right, some do the graphics and some do the stories. Some are good at two of them. Once in a great while, a studio will nail all three, but never consistently. I see no problem with a studio working with its strengths, though more studios could at least try to work out of their comfort zone more often.

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I'm a good 10-15 hours in now and having fun, but this is the crashingest game I have ever played!!#$%$@ Seriously. It crashed on me yesterday and I stopped playing. I started playing today and three minutes in, crashes again. It's managed to hard lock my PS3 probably 4 out 5 play sessions now. Mang!

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I watched the quick look, and I think it looks great, and I am totally getting it. However, that is a TERRIBLE name. I thought it was like a cheap, World of Goo rip-off.

The term "grey goo" has been around for a long time. It's the name of a potentially world-ending scenario where nanobots run amok and essentially "eat" the world in order to propagate themselves wherein the only thing left over is a sea of grey goo. Kind of a parable against science going too far.

If you want to read a great book that deals with the concept, Greg Bear's "Blood Music" is awesome.

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Thankfully, the Internet did not exist when I was a child. Though, there's a bunch of junior high creative writing assignments in a box somewhere maybe in an attic that I hope never turn up again.

A mere ten years ago, I was already my current eloquent self.

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I liked what I played at E3, frankly, and this is coming from someone who was seriously unimpressed with the first Dead Island. This one controls a LOT better, feels good, and exploration felt more meaningful. I only played it for about 15 minutes, though, so who really knows. All I can say is I am optimistic.

what is this... optimism? i've heard so little about it around here...

Sarcastically mocking a dearth of optimism is a self-defeating pursuit.

Or "do unto others" or some shit.

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Seriously, fuck Techland. I know you miraculously had this one pretty successful game even though it was half broken and everything past the first resort area was ill conceived. But c'mon, give the zombie thing a rest.

Hear, hear. The first half of the first game was awesome and every piece of DLC and game since then has been more of the shitty, latter half of that game. What the fuck is wrong with those people?

And yes, fucking stop with the zombies already.

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Alpha II was on SNES? It's got to be one of the last games to come out for it.