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I consider it to be expanding. I'd add some 80s glam rock and even 90s grunge to the list of classic rock tunes now. I'm hard pressed to think of anything past the 00s that qualifies, although there are certainly bands that play classic rock style music from the past decade.

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I dunno. With the first few blockbuster games of this generation of consoles being 50+ gig installs, I can't see physical media quite going the way of the dodo just yet. i live in the most connected country in the world (South Korea) and I still shudder at the thought of downloading 50 gigs of something. I can't imagine trying to download 50 gigs in the podunk Canadian town I'm from. Also, memory is pretty much constantly getting cheaper. We might see a resurgence in cartridges soon enough. Which would be totally fucking awesome!

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  1. Decide what kind of processor, ram, hard drive (ssds are a consideration these days) and video card you want.
  2. Choose a case, mother board and power supply that support those things.
  3. Buy it and put it together.

Crap. Just read the OP and this is not what you want at all...

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The new induction range and the mess of pots that live under it including some nice stainless ones from the mother-in-law.

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@erhard said:

It makes me laugh to see these Marvel superhero movies praised by the same audiences who you just know sneer at the Transformers series. It's the same boring, market-honed trash, almost equally dull and predictable, helped just a bit by the extra effort they put into the writing and production. As long as it doesn't have Michael Bay's name on it.

Those two things are arguably the most important parts of any movie. Both franchises might be targeted at the same audience, but at least one of them is written and produced with a modicum of intelligence. Bay's Transformers movies are logically inconsistent and a mess of unintelligible explosions and indistinguishable robots. At least at any given moment in any given Marvel movie, I can tell who's punching who and why.

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It's was long ago scientifically proven that Megaman 2 has the best video game music ever written:

It's not just this song either, the entire soundtrack is amazing from beginning to end, not a stinker in the bunch.

If you need more proof, watch this one:

Woodman's stage starts around 10:40, which is awesome!

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I agree, but at least they're not Transformers' movies...

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The only video game music I listen to is covers of video game music. Specifically The Advantage, members of Hella who play(ed?) old NES tunes.

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I loved KOTOR right up until the final boss was strong against everything my team was capable of and it became a matter of quick-save-spamming. That sucked. Never played KOTOR 2.

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I gave up halfway through LBP 1. Charming as all fuck, but terrible, TERRIBLE controls!! Let me know if they fix them.