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In case this hasn't been said before:

nude mods. :D

im more interested in the mod that turns all characters into Hope

My own personal hell.

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Keep in mind that if Mario simply touches any of those goombas or turtles from the side, he literally dies. You'd be stomping on that shit too!

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The first thing I did on the web was chat in IRC using some DOS program in my high school's computer lab circa 1992. The second was probably download guitar tablature via FTP. Then I discovered MUDs and MOOs and it all just spiraled into madness from there.

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They're not exactly unknown or anything, but I can always listen to the first four Mastodon albums, though I don't like much they did after that.

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@hailinel said:'ve completely lost me and there's little to nothing you could say regarding the trilogy that I could take seriously at this point...

Stick your fingers in your ears and cry "LALALALALA" is it? You've got me. My argument defeated, I retreat in shame.

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Changing directors mid-development is never a good sign. Especially in Japan where directors have more direct control over the game than they do in the west. I remain ever more hesitantly hopeful of this game.

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I don' think that really answers his question. It took you three games to enjoy the combat.

Do you really want to hear more about what I think about these games?

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There are a lot of things that don't live up to their potential, though. I agree that saying that you would marry your creation has a lot of creepy implications but a creator with strange thoughts about his own creations is hardly unheard of. It's kind of strange that he said this about a character who has the same range of emotions as Marcus Fenix (funny, that), but whatever. And, for that matter, everyone has a point in their lives where they come up with what they think is a perfect spouse, this fellow just made his public and several million people bought it.

I'm not particularly defending FFXIII, I'm just saying that sticking with something as long as all three FFXIII games because "they have potential" sounds like a little too much. You had no other or better reasons?

While I might despise almost everything about it, I loved the absolute shit out of the combat in Lightning Returns. At least until I realize Lightning is all too often fighting in what amounts to Toriyama's vision of a chainmail bikini. Then I'm chugging along collecting and combining and leveling up cool abilities and I suddenly have to mindlessly check the 13 clocks in town for someone who fails to tell me where they are despite it being her job to see if they're running correctly when the end of the world is a mere five days away (priorities people!!) It's like there's this amazing thing somewhere under all the offal. Like a massive train wreck, I just couldn't look away.

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Quick Looks aren't supposed to be this grand, objective thing. They're a couple of guys sitting around playing a game they may or may not enjoy. Part of the reason they're so great is that they don't pander to any particular audience (unless one were to agree with them completely.)

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This thread is going pretty bonkers but I've gotta ask, @sinusoidal, why did you play through all of these games if you hate FFXIII so much? That's around fifty hours for the first game alone, from what I understand.

As for the current banter, why not let it go? Unless you just like egging Hailinel on. I'd rather make more crude jokes about nude patches, anyway.

I already explained this earlier, but I think the games are potentially great. There are some genuinely amazing ideas at the core, but they're irrevocably marred by terrible storytelling, the most ham-fisted symbology ever and an underlying creepiness from Toriyama's obsession with his protagonist.