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Good to see so many people acknowledging Sky Valley. What a fucking amazing piece of music. Homme's production and song writing might have technically gotten better, but he's never been so primal or raw since Kyuss. C-tuned, distorted wah wah guitar in the middle of the desert powered by generators.

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The title of this thread brings to mind a million different cheesy quotations about journeys being more important than destinations and anticipation being the sweetest thing. There's truth in the cheese apparently.

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It was always an arbitrary thing imposed on the movie viewing public to sell tickets anyway. Movie producers are beginning to realize there's little point in having all the big releases compete with each other at the same time. Movie theaters are universally climate controlled. What does it matter when we go to one to see a flick?

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I found wine a good middle ground between tasty, fattening beer and straight up harsh hard liquor. You don't have to spend a whole lot either. There are plenty of good, cheap wines. Anything with a date on the bottle really.

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Yeah, was it "in development" to begin with? I can't see this happening.

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I briefly flirted with Firefox a number of times, but always end up coming back to Chrome. It freaks me out sometimes though.

I once booted up a work computer I hadn't used in months on my birthday and as soon as I started up Chrome, it was all "Happy birthday!" without me logging in, or indeed ever telling Google my birthday to the best of my knowledge. That's not a nice, little personal touch Google. That's fucking creepy.

I switched to Firefox for months after that, but like an abusive spouse that I can't stop caring for because it really does know me best, I came back.

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I live in Korea. "Pro gamer" is a respected profession that people make huge amounts of money at. They're practically celebrities.

I grew up in Canada. There were definitely some people who would look down on you for your choice of hobbies, but they were in a minority, and I didn't waste my time with them. They also still mostly live in my little destitute hometown working dead end jobs. Turns out being closed-minded means you end up spending your life not living.

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I was hooked fairly early in. The Wire has some of the best written characters ever put to any medium. It's not about the spectacle, it's about the minute to minute minutiae of the lives of people in a fucked up city.

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I recently played them all for my first time.

MGS1 is a slog. Some parts are easy and you'll feel like a badass flying through them, then there's a giant tower filled with always-aware enemies you have to gun down and it seems more like luck than anything else if you make it through without dying.

MGS2 improves a little, but there are still some seemingly completely unfair stealth sections. And that final boss is just a fucking nightmare.

MGS3 is where the game play finally comes into its own. It's the easiest one out of the main quadrilogy. Generous amounts of health and stamina recovery, much better controls and almost so-good-it's-broken CQC. Easily the most fun game play in the series.

MGS4 is a bit harder than 3, but not much. The controls are the best the series has by a long shot, but the CQC has drastically lost its effectiveness and expect to die if you get spotted. Octo-camo is sort of great if you hated switching camo in the menu in 3, but instead you're stopping and waiting for it to adapt every time a ground or wall texture changes, so it ends up probably consuming more of your time in 4 than in 3, but at least you're not in a menu I suppose. I'm not done with this one yet. I just got to some stealthy tracking mission in eastern Europe in act 3 where they take away your camo that kind of sucks balls.

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If you're at all nostalgic about the films, then yes. I played through LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy back on PS2 and at that time video game nostalgia hadn't been beaten into the ground just yet. It was an hilarious and unique trip down memory lane. I developed an addiction to the TT Lego games that I've only recently managed to kick. (The only ones I haven't played are The Hobbit, Marvel and Batman 3 - which I didn't even know existed until this thread. I've played every other one to 100% completion.) They get pretty tiresome after a while since the formula has barely changed in the ten years they've been making them.