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Sad news, but the man lived a full life and deserves to be remembered. I found this video portrait to be wonderful.

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Welp, time to finally play this game.

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This must be that secret email network people have been moaning about.

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Too soon... too soon... Though I did chuckle. But damnit! Too soon!

We could all use a little levity in these trying times.

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Worth the wait, and I'm very pleased to finally hear GB's stance on this matter, and to see it expressed in a grounded, professional manner. One of the many things I admire about this site is that you guys have been transparent about yourselves, your thoughts, and your biases since day one. Your honesty makes you so much more trustworthy that just about any major gaming site I can name.

If we want to have a discussion about journalism ethics, then by all means let's have that discussion. We shouldn't need a movement - let alone one that enables and condones vile behavior - to talk to one another. Supporting GamerGate is like letting a house fire clean your room.

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Whether you support the alleged agenda of GamerGate - to expose supposed corruption in the gaming media - or not, it can wait. Women being driven from their homes under threat of death cannot and should not be condoned a moment longer.

Thanks @patrickklepek, for making it further known that there is simply no place in our industry for this kind of behavior.

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Two things:

Firstly, I actually got the chance to ask the GB crew how they avoid becoming jaded or dismissive after reviewing games for so long. Jeff specifically mentioned that they are jaded, but are aware and professional enough to be jaded about appropriate things.

Secondly, while Jeff tends to have strong opinions on podcasts and quicklooks, the content of his reviews are carefully vetted and smoothed-out by his fellow staff. Brad, Alex, Dan, and Patrick all have a degree of control over every review pumped out of Giant Bomb.

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Yes please!

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As Patrick pointed out during his panel on internet bullying, not "feeding the trolls" isn't a solution, and neither is censorship, regulation, or prioritization. Hate finds a way.

If we want a better community, we have to insist on one. We have to learn to sense abusive behavior and ensure users who behave that way do not feel welcome here, and that they stand alone, not with the group. I'm sort of calling for bullying bullies: calling out abusive behavior, and reacting to massive attacks with massive defenses. Imagine how much good it would have done if we did our part to cancel out all the negative energy directed at Leigh, Samantha, and Maddy. Imagine if we as a site publicly denounced the attacks as they happened. Imagine if we had the empathy to apologize, regardless of our individual faults, because it's the compassionate thing to do. Imagine if we proved that those assholes are outliers, rather than just muttering to ourselves that they are.

If we don't speak for ourselves, other more-vocal individuals will, and we have no call to complain.

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Leigh and Samantha should be expected to act like professionals, and ragging on the Giant Bomb crew is the opposite of professionalism. Simple as that.

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That man is selling a broken Wii U.

Considering it's a company seller, the feedback rating is 99%, there are eight consoles available, and it's listed as New, I doubt it.