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Dustforce please. Thanks for doing this.

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A threads of fate 2 would be awesome. I really enjoyed the first one and it teased a sequel after beating it with both characters. Also another medevil would be great, but I feel that it is more likely.

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Dwarf fortress is my go to. I find any rouge-like works really well too.

Stuff with guns, and offline with minimal story though... Boarderlands, Hard Reset, Rage, or Fallout 3 would good choices. You could also go old school, and play through Doom and Heretic.

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First two: Orange Box Retail then Audiosurf

Most recent two: Towerfall Ascension and Alan Wake

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You don't need to put money into the game to do well. Watch Trump on youtube, and you'll learn what strategies/cards are effective. Taunt is a beginners trap, though it certainly has it's use. It's just that most cards that have it are bad. Look at the cards stat line, you want to double the card's mana cost with its stats until you can get some cards together that really combos well. If they don't add up their ability needs to pick up the slack. Card draw is usually worth between 1.5 and 2 mana depending on who you ask.

Unfortunately there are no hard and fast rules.

I'm currently in the top three of the Hearthstone Tournament here on Giant Bomb, without spending any money (Though I plan on buying Naxxramas). I'm using some slightly changed versions of Trump's Mage, Warlock, and Shaman free to play decks.

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Maybe not this time, but next tournament, the final four should cut wrestling promos.

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More deck slots. Sell them to me if you have to, I don't care. I will give you money Blizzard.

That Hearthstone Tracker was built into the game.

A free arena game mode where you could challenge friends, that didn't give any prizes.

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The Witcher for me. Once I connected the computer to the TV in the living room, gaming that doesn't use a controller took a hit. I'm in chapter 4, and have so far refused to play the Witcher 2 until I finish it.

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West: Witcher 2

East: Dragon Quest VIII

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Google+ has screen sharing and voice chat. Not sure about how well it'd work though.