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Tomb Raider Legend Review 0

Poor Lara Croft has had some pretty dismal games as of late. We had our hopes up for Angel of Darkness only to be crushed after countless delays. This time around Lara is starting off fresh with a new developer, Crystal Dynamics, and they have been able to breathe new life into the dying franchise.First off, Legend looks great. Lara looks fantastic, and her numerous animations are smooth. Her skin glistens when wet, and you can even see creases and folds on her clothing. The outdoor environments...

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Short Review 0

One of my favorite games of all time; I cannot BELIEVE that more people have not played this NES game. The graphics aren’t great, but the controls are spot on. The levels are imaginative, and the boss battles are tense and exciting. The combat is inventive in that you must first shoot enemies with your gun to freeze them and then use your spear on them. There are power-ups to let you jump higher, make your spear longer, and give you cool bullets for your gun. I love this game, and if you’ve got ...

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Looking for Something Different 0

I was looking for something different. I had just beaten the campaign for Call of Duty 4 after putting it off for multiplayer for almost a year, and I wanted something that I’d never played before. I had heard rumors of games fresh off the shore of Japan, games that combined the best of anime (interesting characters, over-the-top visuals) and point and click adventure games (deep story lines) into one awesome and unique experience. So I looked through some reviews and found almost unanimously hi...

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Binding of Isaac Review 0

The Binding of Isaac has put me in a decision loop I have never found myself in. Its game play is a wonderful mixture of rogue-like and Zelda that wholly satisfies my old-school gaming sensibilities. On the other hand, the themes and symbolism in the game genuinely makes me feel uncomfortable. I cannot decide whether to play it again.During play I’m in heaven, while poor Isaac is wading his way through hell. The Zelda style dungeon, controls, and gameplay work perfectly; but the addition of the ...

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