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Day one was amazing. Being a street fighter fan its going to be hard to surpass Friday. Today I will by watching street fighter cross tekken. This is going to be such a lazy weekend.

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:( Condolences to his friends and family. He is going to be missed.

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@video_game_king: I am being a little sarcastic as in I don't think the general public or for myself for that matter, would react to them any differently if Micheal reviewed them or not. For some people maybe they will believe the numbers even less. That being said I am a Pachter fan and I make sure to catch ever new Pach-Attack on Saturday.

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According to Microsoft, gaming is the healthiest as it ever been. Last year the game related revenue grew 7% lead by growth in new business models and more gaming capable devices (they probably mean phones and tablets). There is now over a billion people in the world that play video games. More info can be found in the link below and this week's major nelson podcast.

You know these numbers are legit as they had Micheal Pachter reviewed them.

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Elite Beat Agent sequel.

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Dave, good luck in your future endeavors. You are an awesome duder. Also we are going to hold you accountable if you don't by the giant bomb studio once or awhile ;)

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Surprise they didn't save some of this stuff for E3

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Funny hat day.

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Looking at my twitter feed Ron and Tim are still joking with each other. They must of left on good terms which is very good to see.

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The top 20 games sorted by score per appearance (with at-least 10 appearances). Really surprise on how the walking dead did considering how many votes it got.

RankingsGameScoreAppearancesScore per appearance
1The Walking Dead36234408.23
2Persona 4: Golden455568.13
4Crusader Kings II170237.39
5Dota 281117.36
6XCOM: Enemy Unknown22553117.25
7Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward111166.94
8Kid Icarus: Uprising100156.67
9Far Cry 313392016.66
10Dark Souls152236.61
12Borderlands 214412336.18
13Dragon's Dogma228386.00
14Mass Effect 316862895.83
15PlanetSide 287155.80
16Guild Wars 2226395.79
17Xenoblade Chronicles162285.79
18Forza Horizon427745.77
19Sleeping Dogs11712045.74
20The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings125225.68