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#1 Posted by SirDancelot (80 posts) -

@angouri: This comment made me laugh out loud, then weep softly at the likelihood.

#2 Posted by SirDancelot (80 posts) -

@oueddy: I agree, reading that was very enlightening. I found it particularly interesting that the author often mentioned how easy things were to take out of context, but with the simple act of playing through the game it became clear the actual intentions. I guess that may seem obvious to most but it was nice to see someone explore something beyond simply condemning it after a cursory examination.

#3 Posted by SirDancelot (80 posts) -

I did that the other day. I was taking a screenshot of a bug I found where a weapon's description was "You should never see this". Then when I thought I was X'ing out the screenshot, I closed the game without saving. Also my best run.

#4 Posted by SirDancelot (80 posts) -

@RagingDaemon: You are a real piece of shit who is clearly lacking the emotional maturity to grasp the point of this article.

And real talk: it sounds like you're a fairly massive misogynistic prick.

#5 Posted by SirDancelot (80 posts) -

Thanks Patrick, already seems like a great feature. One more thing to look forward to out of the GB team.

#6 Posted by SirDancelot (80 posts) -

I've got the Standard body type for now, but think I will upgrade to Bulky next chance I get:

  • Motivator - I rarely see anyone else go for medic, so I like to rock support-types
  • Jackhammer - with penetration rounds
  • Body armor/Care package - still feeling out which build I like more
  • Rollerskates - increase my mobility, run from overwhelming odds and catch up to teammates in need of healing

I am enjoying a mix of support with some high damage dealing potential. Still not sure how to counter light body types on skates with shotguns, seem to move too fast for me to make good use of my jackhammer, and with no real backup weapon I end up meleeing (which is about as accurate as in BF3) or just running for cover behind a heavy teammate.

#7 Posted by SirDancelot (80 posts) -

I'm enjoying the game on XBL so far. I have noticed a trend of either heavies with body armor dominating or the more nimble body types skating around with shotguns and fucking me up. Heavies seem easier to counter since they're much easier to hit, use power weapons etc, but has anybody had any luck countering really fast moving glass cannons? Maybe I need to play with the stick sensitivity, since you rotate too slowly when aiming down sights, and are too inaccurate when shooting from the hip. Thoughtful feedback would be appreciated.

#8 Posted by SirDancelot (80 posts) -

@gwhitta: Congrats! Compensating for the Britishness by having a baby due on July 4th!

#9 Posted by SirDancelot (80 posts) -

@spilledmilkfactory: You sir are a gentleman and a scholar, and I would love to have Bulletstorm.

#10 Posted by SirDancelot (80 posts) -

Just to put things in perspective, has any actual gameplay ever been shown for Last Guardian? I still have no idea what that game is.

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