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It's great to see these on the front page! Awesome job!

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Me! Is there a way we can make a GB group?

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A spy in engineering got away with some free chicken. My day is ruined!

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For me, length only trends to have an effect on quality when the game is too lengthy, so I lose interest before the end. I'd honestly prefer more games to be shorter.

Mostly though, length affects value. A quality 5-hour game is something I'll just wait to drop in price before playing.

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sirdesmond on Steam - mostly playing anything but Assault

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I just picked it up after watching @patrickklepek's video of it on his Youtube channel. It's cheap and has a cool style plus nice, relaxing exploration. I'm starting it now!

Edit: Just played this up through the 4th checkpoint and got the first 40 crystals. The physic-y, procedurally generated animation is wonderful and the music and world are pretty stunning overall. Once you get some progress it's really fun to just fly down through all the islands and plants you've explored.

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Mario Party Party is easily my favorite feature on the site right now. The focus on just playing the game is what leads to the best moments. Dan being eternally optimistic and the others wavering back and forth between frustrated and delirious is the best. Also, all the MP games are huge trolls which is wonderful to watch. I wouldn't want them to skip any of them.

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These are my favorite feature now. I LOVE the Fortune Street match they did with Ryan a few years ago that went for like 4 hours and this is very similar. Awesome!

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Sent a request - Cmdr Delvis reporting in.

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Patrick was the reason that I ever actually discovered Giant Bomb (followed him from G4 to the short-lived EGM relaunch to GB) and started visiting it regularly ever since. While I'm sad to see him go, it's good to know that almost everything he does currently at Giant Bomb could be done elsewhere pretty much identically. I will miss him on GOTY podcasts and overall site conversations though. It'll be interesting to see where he goes.