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Commander name is "Delvis."

I'm just getting into the game but loving it so far. I only recently bought into Gamma.

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@casty: That was pretty amazing. Not what I was expecting either.

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The first things that come to mind for me would be World of Warcraft, Demon Souls/Dark Souls and Monster Hunter.

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Indianapolis, IN, USA

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I played a few matches of this and uninstalled it. Plays extremely similarly to LoL and looks even more similar. The company's whole "no meta" thing was valiant but is useless as there will always be a few decided upon best builds and strategies (just like there is in anything).

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People just do not understand the likely results of their actions sometimes. It's insane!

If you are looking to sell your product in a business and you went outside of that business and stood and yelled about how not only does the business suck but that you are going to kill the owner, why would the business or the owner sell your product? The answer, of course, is that they wouldn't, exactly what happened here.

I feel bad for his fellow game creators but you have to have a bit of tact from time to time, especially in public.

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They needed this to hit on launch day because, honestly aside from right now, that is the only time I have ever spent thinking about potentially playing DriveClub. Now, whenever it does launch, I just won't really care or be interested and they definitely won't get my money.

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These are both awesome. I don't know how some people just sit down and replicate another person's style like. Crazy!

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League of Legends is the first thing that really comes to mind for me. Ugly art style.

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My biggest issue is that there are no real characters. Even with minimal story in the missions themselves, the world could have been fleshed out considerably with a strong cast of characters in the Tower. Aside from the one or two lines, my character has said - the only person who really seems to have some semblance of a character is your Ghost but he's just kind of a museum-tour robot at the end of the day. I just don't care about anyone including my own character.