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My biggest issue is that there are no real characters. Even with minimal story in the missions themselves, the world could have been fleshed out considerably with a strong cast of characters in the Tower. Aside from the one or two lines, my character has said - the only person who really seems to have some semblance of a character is your Ghost but he's just kind of a museum-tour robot at the end of the day. I just don't care about anyone including my own character.

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I need an option for the poll that is "I really wanted to get very into the story of Destiny, but the game itself has very little story and what it does have is so cryptic and mumbo-jumboy that I could not tell you what is really happening at any given time. Also, I have only have like 2 cutscenes so far and none of the NPCs at the Tower have any real, meaningful dialogue so I guess I don't care."

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@bradtgrace: If they have software that identifies and blocks content based on the audio played in it being copywritten, I don't see why your idea for "buy this game" and "buy this music" wouldn't be a possibility.

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Name is Diadoras. I'd love an invite. I'll try to track down an online player.

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I'd appreciate one if anyone is willing. I want to see how it runs on my machine before I put down the moolah.

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I love this thread. Keep it up. Many of my favorites are already posted.

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I will publicly disclose that I will ONLY vote for any banners that are animated (That said, I'm not a mod so I don't really vote at all).

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@aurahack: These are great! I embrace the newfound love of the gif and really like the old VHS footage look of these.

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Whoa! Exciting stuff! As long as you are still in videos Vinny, I will still be watching them!

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@sirdesmond - I'd love an invite, if I can join. I am part of the Ebonheart Pact so I don't know if that screws things up.