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While I'm from a german-speaking European country I laughed when I read Jeff's post.

It's actually the MTV Awards Show that in some respects deserves to be made fun of.
Categories like "Bad Motherfucker" & "You got the style" sound cheesy and ridiculous.
During the show they played awful clips like this one at 4:45 : (I think the whole show can be found on the youtubes).

Enough with the ramblings. I agree with Meowayne's post above:
MTV's Game Awards is an important step in the right direction to get  attention from the general public.
I'm looking forward to MTV's Game Awards 2009 - hopefully hosted in a more professional way.
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Turrican came out in the early ninties. If you happened to be an avid gamer living in Europe back then with an Amiga or C64, you propably have heard of Turrican. Being developed by a german company it was more popular in Europe.

Anyway, it's best known for being a technical & graphical showcase. I'm just gonna quote Wikipedia here:
"Turrican became very popular due to its high technical achievements, demonstrating graphics which many did not believe to be possible on a C64."

While the home computer versions were awesome, I personally didn't like the console outings (Super/Mega Turrican, Turrican on Gameboy, …).