Modeling a New Career

As I was working on a project, I became frustrated. There was a level of detail and technique that I realized I was not ready for and the amount of energy the project was consuming was taking the fun out of the project. I decided to test a few things and then shut the project down and watch a video on different techniques and tools.

What I'm talking about is modeling a chair in 3DS Max, a 3D modeling program that is commonly used in the video game industry. I am working on this because I am trying to get into this industry as an environment artist and in order to do that, it's good for me to be able to model random things like a chair.

Finding the right balance between pushing myself and creating things within my skill is a tough medium to find. It takes experimentation, failure, experimentation, failure, experimentation then success--maybe. In it, I've learned a lot but the project is more frustrating than I imagined it would be. There are a lot of things I don't quite get.

What you see above is my "sketch." It's good to "block" things out before going into the detail so there is an understanding of proportion. From this sketch, I can start to model my first "draft" which gives more accurate shape to the piece. From there, it's adding detail upon every "draft" that I have--basically taking it one step at a time so as to not overwhelm myself.

This is what I've doing for the past few weeks and why I haven't spent as much time here but since I miss y'all, I figured to include you in this endeavor of mine.


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