AC: Revelations notes 2 *spoilers*

Sound in Assassin's Creed is imperative. While playing with the sound low, the game did not have the same intensity and it felt a lot more boring. I didn't realize how much the little sound effects like the footsteps and the crowd noise really made a difference in the gameplay and my own feelings toward the game. It makes me appreciate the sound a lot more.

I will say that some missions do get a bit boring and repetitive as throught AC II thru Revelations, there are always missions of tailing someone and not getting caught. And even though there are new tactics what with bombs and such, the only thing still needing to be done is blend. In fact, to 100% synch one of the tailing missions, you have to distract guards with bombs. It feels like a lame way to include this (although it did make the mission easier).

I don't like the new Eagle Sense. In every game, Eagle Vision gave the ability to see who is who. They've taken this function away by now having to take a moment to identify who is who in some missions. It's an unnecessary change in gameplay. It slows down the gameplay and it's not like using the Eagle Vision in the past games made the game "too easy." I think it's just plain pointless.

However, while there are some routine missions, later missions are much more excting and break up the monotony. The third Masayaf key had me keeping up with a boatful of Templars while they were trying to shoot at me. It required a lot of jumping and leaping across things. It was a lot of fun. It also helps to go take over a Templar Den which requires some fighting and/or plain Assassinations.

Stalkers are absolutely annoying. I had to tail a man in one mission and a stalker came up on me and tried to kill me. I killed him and then I was the one who got caught and was desynchronized. It kept happening until I shoved the stalker off and the Janissaries went after the stalker. I'm still not sure if that was part of mission or that because the stalker came then that the game replayed it that way every time I had to restart.

There's still too much dang clutter on the map.