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No Man's Sky

Halo: Master Chief Collection

AC: Unity

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@belgurdo: By the looks of it, there will be not shortage of wackiness.

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@raven10 said:

On the same token, Patrick never played the PS2 era Ratchet games so I'm not entirely sure what he is judging them on outside of the Future games. But I guess this looks closer to those games than anything that Insomniac has put out since.

Then he may have been speaking from the experience of the others. Maybe.

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@narujoe93: If you're talking about the overall game, I'd say it's new and fresh for Insomniac but not in games as a whole. It looks like a wackier, free-moving Dead Island. And that actually might be just what it needs to be fresh enough for everyone.

To @yummylee point though, I think he was just saying that R&C: Into the Nexus wasn't a Resistance or Fuse. It was true Insomniac. But I do see your point.

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not sure this deserved its own thread, and sounds like you answered your own question by mentioning spyro/ratchet and clank...

Well, Sunset Overdrive is way more Mature in its "lightheartedness", so I felt there was a bit of distinction between those. And where could I have posted this if this didn't merit a thread? o_O

The most notable and well received part of insomniac is the part that's humorous, and slightly cartoonish. People remember them for ratchet and spyro, not resistance, and definitely not disruptor or fuse. Another aspect of the company that is fondly remembered is their weapon design, which the new trailer for sunset overdrive flaunts. This is definitely seems to be a return to the insomniac people actually love, sure they have tried to do other stuff outside of that label, but none of it has really been successful.

I see that. I was interpreting the mature themes and humor as what people were calling "old Insomniac."

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"This looks like the Insomniac that's been missing for way too long," is Patrick's quote on their most recent trailer. I've heard a few people on Polygon say that this is looking like the old Insomniac. So which part of Insomniac is the part that's been missing? The humor?

Disruptor was, I suppose, a little more serious with some tongue-in-cheek humor. I don't know. It was the 90s, so it's hard to look back at that and call it "serious."

And of course there was Spyro and Ratchet & Clank which were more lighthearted and goofy, obviously Spyro being down that vein than Ratchet & Clank. Then there was the Resistance trilogy which was more serious, then recently Fuse, which started out the closest thing to Sunset Overdrive but they EA'd (at least I think).

So where am I missing the connection?

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@singingmenstrual said:

The one feeling up and groping the Fallout statue was hilarious!

That made the entire video.

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For breakfast sausage I put maple syrup, and for something like a Bratwurst I put on some nice fancy mustard. Like the kind that is pretty much all seeds.

I'm with the breakfast sausage. Syrup all the way.

Every other sausage I eat plain unless it's in food.

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I actually like and watch GamesRadar's new video review style. It's different.

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@earth001 said:

As a gamer I sometimes wonder this if I will ever regret the time I spend playing video games. I sometimes wonder why is it that people have gaming as one of their regrets? But they don't see film or television or reading books as one of their regrets? Why is it that gaming is sometimes a regret where as books, films, and television at times are more respected and you are less likely to regret spending time on those? Why is that? What do you think? Will you regret gaming later on in life?

It's hard to understand where this is coming from. I've never heard of anyone who regrets gaming. I've never met a person who regrets TV, movies, or books either. I've met people who regret revolving their life around these things but nothing like what it seems you're talking about.

With that said, I'll never regret gaming because as long as it's fun, I'll keep playing. If it ever becomes destructive or boring, then I'll stop and I still won't regret it.