So, like, I'm new and all.

       ---You, right after this blog post

I'm not a mainstream gamer, I don't have time to buy GTAIV or rival my bro at Halo. I like to keep it all very impersonal, the least I socialize, quite the better for me. I'm a poignant, contradictory little character from this RPG called RL. Used to be a grammar nazi, much like string theory in Physics, that turned out to be a dead-end. No offense, those college students out there.

So I wasn't a fan of Gerstmann or whatchamacallit, heck, I'm not even american. But here I am, driven. By all the hype and fandom, I just like to side with the good guys, so you better stick it to the man, Jeff. Or I'll just take my bloody ass somewhere else (that won't matter much to you, I presume).

So, like, I'm new and all. Got here, planning to do some very down-to-earth underground reviews. I don't buy too many games, so don't take me too seriously, that's a dead-end too.

I do care about things, and...some people? Huh.