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Dead Space 2, sir. Still haven't played that one. 

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@cwilly: Are you having trouble with the gaping dragon? I really can't tell, so I'll explain it anyways. He's incredibly easy. He's probably the boss that has the easiest force-able loop that leads to instant win. Bait him into slamming his head down, then run a wide arc around his arms (to avoid being grabbed), then follow his tail as he does a head charge EVERY time after the head slam. Then proceed to an easy 25k. 
For the sorcery, I dunno. What catalyst do you have equipped? Magic weapon cannot work on certain weapons (dragon weapons, certain ascended weapons, boss weapons, etc).  
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Generally the build advice is: Decent Vit, End, and then a main stat.  
If you're a hybrid it generally means a decreased effectiveness in both, but using weapons that accommodate for that. For a sorcerer, INt VIT and END are important, though you can kind of shrug off endurance if you don't want giant armor or Vitality if you want points in strength for an Enchanted or magic weapon. It's a good idea to just barely meet the requirements for an enchanted or magic weapon, and dump everything else into the big 3 (leaving you around 30-40 in each by 125). 

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@SpawnMan: Well, in DeS it was a gesture of friendly competition to bow. Kind of like how the fighting game community has that with the handshake before and after a match. Just good sportsmanship.   
It also seeded out assholes who attack during bows. And is hilarious when you beat a shitty TWoP or RoF user, and do a "Well, what is it?" (my favorite) or "Joy!" 
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1. I'm a lurker for the most part, but I am (or was, I guess) part of the fighting game community we have here for the PS3. I try to stay active when I can and support some conversations and the like, but I'm mostly an occasional poster. I reviewed a few movies on Screened, but I'm so off-again on watching new movies that I can't keep up. Tested is a site I just don't have the brainpower for anymore. 
2. Yep, totally. Only ever watched a few videos of the thing, and heard the Tested podcast rave about it when it was the new hype.  
3. To play it. I'm a creative thinker (or, I'd like to think so), and the weird shit you could do with Minecraft boggles my mind. If I can translate some of my own CAD work into Minecraft (and that's easy rethinking that), that shit would be awesome.  
4.  (I just did more research on a haiku than I would have wanted)
Minecraft servers 
Pummeled by Giant Bomb 
Have been durger'd

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It just makes the game a little more satisfying in some aspects, like PvP. 
PvE, however, is herp-a-derp, but who cares? It's PvE, do what you want however you want. More souls just means less grinding for PvP, or it circles back to PvE where it's a free-for-all. 

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Happy Turkey Day e'rybody! 
Oblivion please. My 360 is dead, so I have no way to play it. Plus, mods!

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@Atramentous: L M H S A1 A2 
Six buttons.  
EDIT: On topic, 
Gene from God Hand, killer7 as an Amaterasu type "phase-shift" character 
Namor and Silver Surfer
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All I've got for input is UMvC3, Skyrim, Dark Souls, and Bastion. Won't have KoFXIII till later in the year, but that's undoubtedly a contender for around 4th or 5th.  
Those are easily in my 5. Dark Souls and Skyrim going at it for 1 and 2, Bastion rounding that up and then the two fighting games.  
EDIT: If I had spent all that money on PC parts, I would have The Witcher 2 somewhere in there as well. Just remembered that one. 

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Again, I have team changes! I am fiending for this game after playing it this weekend, I need to pick it up bad.  The two teams I've discovered that I like: 
1) Storm-A/Hawkeye-A/Spencer-B. Just a slight alteration on my vanilla team, since She-Hulk doesn't have the INSANE damage available with Spencer's wire assist. Hawkeye's 3C is fucking insane at max range, and his 5B goes for forever. Storm and Hawkeye have tons of synergy as well. And now since I have gimlet I can DHc from hailstorm for more damage on BnB's. Yay. 
2) Frank-A/Iron Fist-B/Doom-A or B. Eh, I picked this team because I wanted to play Frank and Iron Fist, but Iron Fist sucked on my original team. He works wonders with the cart, and Doom is useful for lockdown as well.This is a straight A+ tier team.