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Wow, thanks for posting this.  
I still haven't heard their music, but it's got two other members from The Black MAges (Michio and Arata, the guitarist and drummer resp.) so I can only expect good things. Might have to import Octave Theory. 

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I really don't know.  
But as long as this isn't a remake with 4E, I'll be fine. If they do that, I can guarantee it will be boring as fuck - the same as wth 4th edition itself. 

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that CC song is okay. It sounds exactly like what I expect of CC since the Wretched Spawn; alright verse riffs and absolutely brutal breakdowns. Can't wait to hear the new Meshuggah, obZen was a really great album. New Spawn of Possession and Cynic are exciting.  
However, I will continue to be bored with metal until Opeth releases something that isn't dog balls nowadays, and when Cryptopsy gets their shit together with Levasseur back on the team and that fuckwit Mounier not using the band as a vessel for his blasting. Give me something that doesn't sound like boring deathcore with phenomenal drumming - anything even relatively close to at least Whisper Supremacy or even Once Was Not is okay in my books.  
I cannot wait for Wormed's new release, whenever that's supposed to be out. Suffocation releasing something should be excellent. Defeated Sanity might even release something this year, and that would be my biggest hype if that happens. 

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Seriously thinking Might/Sorcery with a bigass hammer and as many fireballs as I can muster. The other one was Finesse/Sorcery, because the stealth system is pretty fun and the magic was devastating as shit even at level 3 of shock bolt or whatever it was called. 

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The only part that really irked me was the silent protagonist. For a game with canned dialogue responses, this shit needs to go away. I feel it affects the atmosphere better than advanced shaders and tesselation, but that's a personal thing and it's understandable.  
The combat was fun, despite weird audio bugs. If those audio bugs are not fixed by the final product, then I will not be picking this game up until they patch that. The progression system is very cool and makes leveling feel very concrete and makes me anxious to level up, thus forcing me to do the quests. Some of the quests are indeed pretty generic and bad, but the ones that I accomplished in the demo had interesting enough story threads that I wanted to finish them (i.e. Egan, the Fae, the wolf, and the alchemist quests). The little bit of the story that you are able to complete had enough intrigue - if expected intrigue - to make me push forward. Oh, and those quests result in loot. That loot plus the progression made me want to play this game.  
Oh, and Roman gnomes. 

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On PC it stays at a constant 40-50 FPS (as teh fraps sayeth with 1080p and everything maxed minus post-processing), plays real fluid, and all I want to do is explore the lore and do ALL of the side quests. ALL of them. It's not a visually demanding game, but it still looks very pretty because of the interesting art style. 
I had a few really bizarre audio bugs, but I really hope that is just a code in the demo error or a sound option that I totally didn't look into. Like, I'd kill a boggart or a bandit and then a few hundred milliseconds later I hear the combat pangs.  
Only makes me want to buy the game to see what else was in there. The gnomes being Romans was pretty intriguing, and playing a dark elf might unlock some really cool dialogue options here. I just want a giant hammer/sword and to be able t shoot fireballs. This game is giving me all of those things. Pre-order contemplation has begun. If it can be pre-loaded then jesus yes. 

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@Bwast said:

@SirOptimusPrime: You'd probably like Agalloch. Go listentothem and buy all of their CDs.

Another band that takes me places is Manowar. Now I know what you're thinking. Dudes dressing in leather, that's pretty chessy. It is. But they pump me the fuck up every single damn time. When I'm laddering on SC2 and a Manowar song comes on it's like I have bloodlust. I'm an unstoppable killing machine. That is until mutas fly into my base and kill everything. But that's neither here nor there. If you ever need to demolish a building with your bare hands, listen to that song first.

Trust me, I'm well acquainted with Agalloch. Pale Folklore and Ashes are two phenomenal albums.

Oh, and Manowar is a guilty pleasure of mine. Every once and awhile, just throwing Gloves of Metal when chillin' with other people aways brings the best out in people. By best, I mean people acting like idiots.

EDIT: You might like the band Lantlos. Dunno if you've heard of them, but just listen to this. Even if blasting isn't your thing, this band is totally amazing and this album, .neon is a posty rollercoaster. If you care, the vocalist also writes, plays guitar in, and sings for Alcest, Mortifera (on one album), and Ameseours for their one album.

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Opeth. They're just a band that I can always go back to. As a musician they take some of my favorite genres (death metal, progressive rock, and jazz-fusion as of late) and mash them together into a really enjoyable cluster. Their first five albums are simply put, fucking incredible. Their work has been pretty great from Blackwater Park onward, but nothing will ever match the masterpieces that are My Arms, Your Hearse and Morningrise. Hell, if Still Life didn't have that stupid 2 minute intro for The Moor it would be my favorite album.

The Smashing Pumpkins are the other side of the spectrum for me. They make me forget the total theory of it all and just go with the journey. Some of the best soundscapes this side of Explosions in the Sky and Fugazi.

This is really hard for me. There is just too much good music!

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Dl'ing the demo on my PC right now.

We shall sit back and let my Fisher Price internet get this done. I'm very randomly PUMPED for this game after listening to GB's Amalur 'cast.

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I have absolutely no clue how many games I have completed. Not even a ballpark

Hmm...Risen, please.