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@Tru3_Blu3: This one makes me chuckle no matter where it is.

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@Milkman: yeah, it's statistical analysis of diction. It's just a matching system apparently. Having an algorithm for sentence structure and syntax would be really fucking hard, I think.

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When I put a final exam in it gave me Cory Doctorow.

Now it's giving me H.P. Lovecraft for my review work on metal-archives.

What other writers are in there?

EDIT: I put in a GFWL Log and it gave me Chuck Palahniuk. When I put in some algebra it gave me David Foster Wallace. Lovin' it.

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When did metalcore with Christian themes become "life metal"?. That's like saying death metal with Nordic themes is "Viking metal" or some shit (I feel like I should put a /sarcasm here for some people).

Yo, quit trying to make metal more obnoxious for us. Genre distinctions are already bad.

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I think way of white and the princess guard are for tightening up group play? I think they both get grouped with other members of that covenant.

Oh, and you get access to two really powerful healing miracles I think. I really dunno if anything else is there.

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I do think PvP is a problem, but for the Stone Gswrd and the slowdown spell. Also, people do like to invade around the pre-boss room, and a lot of them don't obey the "wiat for him to kill monsters" rule, which is absolutely the most dick move ever.

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@Shadow: I'm surprised you run DkSouls with one weapon. Just go grind out a pyro flame and fire orb/fireball. Easy peazy.

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Ornstein and Smough are the hardest by far. The end boss is a cakewalk when you get parrying down (does not take long), and every other boss in the game is really easy.

Kill Smough first and all you have to deal with is a boss that requires you to know how to circle-strafe, roll, and hit things. Seriously, people overhyped how "hard" Super Saiyan Ornstein is; i.e. he's really fucking easy.

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Yeah, it's one of the many things in DkS that breaks the PvP.

PvE, literally anything goes. It may not be fun, but if you can kill a boss by circle strafing and throwing fire orbs, do it.

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I liked the Valley.

I did not like Blighttown. Mostly because of the framerate, because the actual level was pretty easy.