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I'm almost certainly over exaggerating by saying that I've never wanted a sequel more, but I've gotta say that I really hope the positive coverage here gives a hope for another adventure (hopefully a point-and-click adventure, if I'm being honest) in this little world. By the end I was absolutely eating all of it up and I didn't even care that it controls like an Ultima game if they only used four of the keys on the keyboard but what stuck was Zstats and other such nonsense.

I could watch Ryan Rand chew up scenery all fucking day.

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@bongchilla: I think OP is talking about Mu, the "lost civilization/content"

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This is making me itch to finally play one of the however many copies of this I have. Too bad I'm only just knee-deep in Wasteland 2 because I still need to take Wiz8 off of my CRPG checklist. I took 7 off a year or two ago and it's only expected that I experience the hellish abyss of Arnika Road for myself.

Very fun writeup, too, if I forgot to mention.

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I'm not sure why, but the very idea of John Carpenter playing and being disappointing with Destiny brings a smile to my face.

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So, uh, again, I'm back with this, but it's weird how nobody (except @dain22) seem to be adressing that developpers are getting accused of being white-supremacists.

Link here.

Seriously I don't know enough about the groups cited to have an opinion myself on the subject but I guess I'll keep digging (or should I? I won't buy the game anyway).

This is the part where I go from "maybe I'll look at this" to "I want to peel this project from my brain forever."

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I fucking love these so much.

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I still need to finish Wasteland 2 and Alien, so in some future I can see myself playing this but it's definitely not the near future.

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Not gonna lie, the best thing about that Charles Dexter Ward game is the Charles model looks exactly like H.P. Lovecraft. Which is great since CDW is probably the most self-insertion Lovecraft ever did.

Then I kept reading about it and S.T. Joshi is doing advisory work, and then I remembered where Agustin Cordes' name was so familiar - I loved Scratches (also I've got the reading comprehension of a seven year old apparently because Patrick put it right the fuck there). Suddenly this game seems really fucking cool to me, and I'm always struggling to figure out if The Case... is my favorite Lovecraft or not so now I'm putting money into this thing.

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Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest is awesome. It's terrible, and one of the easiest games I've ever played, but fucking-A it's great

I'll admit that a lot of brutal death metal is just immature, misogynistic, dreadfully composed garbage. But man, you go to a Defeated Sanity or Devourment show and try to act chill in that atmosphere. I've never had more fun than going to see a bunch of terrible NYDM bands open for Dying Fetus a few years ago. So much fun, even though a ton of the people in that scene are the worst human beings possible. Glad that the majority of the musicians involved are just normal dudes, but the fans can be dumpster dwelling anti-humans.

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I.. I think Akira Yamaoka's iFUTURELIST is an amazing album, that is really really bad, but man do I love almost every track to death.. oh man. I can't even, it's so bad, but it's so good.

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This fucking album rules