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Not a PC version? It's a Sonic crossover?

Well, shit, I didn't think anything could be less in my wheelhouse. Well played.

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Alien definitely, but I'm still wary of both of these games. I'll need to know how bullshit Alien ends up being before I play it day one and I need to know if Evil Within is even any good.

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I tried putting those Dill pickle chips on a salami sandwich once, and now I have to do that every time there is anything to do with salami. Also, surprisingly, a lot of things work on that sandwich. Bananas, peanut butter, marshmallow fluff...

Oh yeah, I like marshmallow fluff and that shit is GROSS.

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I think at this point I listen to some of the podcasts, watch some of the dumb livestreams and a handful of QL's that interest me, and read anything that gets actually written on the site. I just don't have the time for things like QLEX or unfinished.

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If you want to experience a true nightmare, there is only one option: Dave Lang.

Seriously though, this is a really cool tool. Data visualization is so fun for looking at people's impact, especially with something like games.

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I'm casually into basketball and wrestling, both professional and Greco-Roman, but never followed for long enough to really call myself someone who loves sports. It was fun to get drunk and watch the winter olympics though, and I imagine this is the only way I'll ever get into more sports. Either way, I don't really care about telling people if I do/don't like something.

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Detention is great.

Yep, it's pretty good. I remember hating some parts, but that ending is still great.

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If you ever need a semi-competent DM, you can always shoot me a PM here. I haven't used roll20 in a while, but I also haven't found a new player group in a while. And 5E looks pretty good so far so I really want to test it out.

Have fun either way!

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@siroptimusprime said:

Everything in the universe is telling me to say Darklands 2.

Man. That ship sailed in 1992 when it released as a broken, buggy, fascinating mess, it doesn't matter that by late '93/early '94 it was fixed (I was a sysop on the GAMEPUB section of CompuServe at the time and it was... interesting...).

Though I just looked and... MicroProse still exsists?!? Ooogh. That's not the company I knew. Bet they don't own the IP (and even if they did, that website does not imply that they'd do anything with it).

I will go to death with this awful hope, and it'll be sweet even though I know there'll never be a game quite as immersive and truly "big" feeling as Darklands. A sequel would probably flop just as hard as the first, but it'd be a dream digging into the incomprehensible nightmare of systems and bugs all over again.

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Everything in the universe is telling me to say Darklands 2. Then there's that Serpent game on Kickstarter, but if there's a game that I know for a fact won't have an actual sequel with the same amount of care put in that would be Darklands.

Also I'm waiting to see how Might & Magic X did before I get my hopes up about any more of those ever happening.