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BLLSL you motherfuckers. Gonna miss those days.

@corevi said:

Nobody likes Daily Dota or the Chrono Trigger Endurance Run.

I hate DD but the Chrono Trigger ER was pretty all right by me. Ryan and Patrick was an amazing combo.

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Good luck wherever you end up.

And say hi to Dave for us.

Never forget.

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The Thing is definitely Lovecraftian - not Cthulhu Mythos or even his Poe worship, but it's totally got Dream Cycle written all over it. Plus it's amazing.

Die Farbre and The Whisperer are both fantastic.

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I'm so massively skeptical of this, but deep - deep - inside I know this is the best news I'll hear all day.

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Not surprised because from everything I've seen and read of the backer beta it's kind of a mess right now. Wasteland 2 wasn't looking at all good around the same development time and that's turned out pretty all right, so I still have hope.

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Just finished one of the first dungeons and, despite some annoying parts in it, like where the game is headed at this rate.

I already like how the game's forces you to deal with your choices - like when I chose to go to the Ag Center first and kept getting distress calls from Highpool over and over again until communication stalled completely and the one person left in Highpool fucking haaaaaaates me because of it. That was pretty cool, and I can only hope that doing the reverse there would in fact lead to Highpool being available as an encampment like Ag Center is for me now and that the game has a few trickier, exciting choices up its sleeve. I'm always a sucker for some quality C&C. Combat is getting more fun with a high awareness/perception sniper and being able to set up flanks and other interesting attacks without just bum rushing in and taking needless damage. The flavor text is still really good, but having it all scroll past you on the ticker feed is kind of annoying especially when you've just exited combat and the description of your surroundings reappears and, likewise, there's tons of fun roleplaying you can do with your recruits with all of their quirks and the inclusion of a biography. Player created stories? Fuck, yes please!

This game is looking to be an at least pretty good Fallout: Tactics successor.

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I played the original Wasteland to completion (you can read crpgaddict's ruminations on the game to get the general gist of the thing) because I love the original Fallouts, and I think - so far, and that's only 2.5 hours in - this game does all right by the original. Not amazing, sure, but okay. The point of at least the first game was to play a badass crew of hard ass motherfuckers who doled out badland justice with a fucking crowbar and dynamite, occasionally stopping at a robocasino or overgrown vegetable patch to do something "good," and since I have absolute control over my team it's been great.

The flavor text is adequate so far, with a whole lot of neat description all over the friggin' game. Likewise, the callbacks to the original squad of premade Rangers was pretty cool. Also, I want the whole game to be FMV now. Because that fucking intro was dumb in a way I can really get behind.

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Not a PC version? It's a Sonic crossover?

Well, shit, I didn't think anything could be less in my wheelhouse. Well played.

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Alien definitely, but I'm still wary of both of these games. I'll need to know how bullshit Alien ends up being before I play it day one and I need to know if Evil Within is even any good.

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I tried putting those Dill pickle chips on a salami sandwich once, and now I have to do that every time there is anything to do with salami. Also, surprisingly, a lot of things work on that sandwich. Bananas, peanut butter, marshmallow fluff...

Oh yeah, I like marshmallow fluff and that shit is GROSS.