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I just want this. All of it. Everything, now. This game looks incredible and if it's anywhere near as good as Bastion I'll be quite happy.

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All I want to see is that sweet, sweet 60.

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As long as your reacting like a regular human being (i.e. "sorry, what?" or "whatever") then who cares. People that have played Diablo long enough know to pm the player before joining their games, to ask if it's cool to join. At least that's how we do it on PC and I've never run across too many incredible douchenozzles, so I'm just gonna say you should either move on with your day or start doing what I've suggested yourself.

Dunno, online "etiquette" equates to not being a dick but obviously people are big fans of not following that.

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I feel like an old man because my immediate thought was to pay off my school, my parents' house, and then hope I have enough left over after taxes to invest a little and save the rest.

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$88.3m on Captayne 'Merica: Wanton Solider

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There was some weird, weird issues trying to get my group of 4 into Act V, but the lag/server load was just about the same as it has been the past few weeks. Having a blast with an Exploding Blast build + black hole, the tilesets are fantastic, and the bosses so far that I've fought (the first two, big ones) have been challenging in a way that literally no part of vanilla was. Hell, there was an optional dungeon (I'll only say rats) that was harder than anything vanilla threw at you.

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Goddammit. First Hanneman, now this.

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The new Tomb Raider was just absolutely not my thing, and I'm kinda sad I really don't like it. The combat wasn't there, the skill tree style was really tiresome along with anything traversal related, and the story felt like a slog.

Dunno, it's one of the very few situations where people falling in love with it just doesn't make sense to me. It's just an average shooter with few actual fun, puzzle-y platform-y bits.

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That last segment though - Max, Dave, and JV playing the regular comedy assholes, Ed Boon as the straight man, and Jeff looking down on his bizarre ant-hill of bad Windjammers announcements hoping that the tall, duck-like ant gets into a fight with the strangely bejeweled Italian ant.

Oh, and doseone. That was incredible.

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I'm not sure what part of any of that segment was real. Phil Fish, DOSEONE, or Giant Robot. All of it was Grade-A nutso.