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I'm casually into basketball and wrestling, both professional and Greco-Roman, but never followed for long enough to really call myself someone who loves sports. It was fun to get drunk and watch the winter olympics though, and I imagine this is the only way I'll ever get into more sports. Either way, I don't really care about telling people if I do/don't like something.

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Detention is great.

Yep, it's pretty good. I remember hating some parts, but that ending is still great.

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If you ever need a semi-competent DM, you can always shoot me a PM here. I haven't used roll20 in a while, but I also haven't found a new player group in a while. And 5E looks pretty good so far so I really want to test it out.

Have fun either way!

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Everything in the universe is telling me to say Darklands 2.

Man. That ship sailed in 1992 when it released as a broken, buggy, fascinating mess, it doesn't matter that by late '93/early '94 it was fixed (I was a sysop on the GAMEPUB section of CompuServe at the time and it was... interesting...).

Though I just looked and... MicroProse still exsists?!? Ooogh. That's not the company I knew. Bet they don't own the IP (and even if they did, that website does not imply that they'd do anything with it).

I will go to death with this awful hope, and it'll be sweet even though I know there'll never be a game quite as immersive and truly "big" feeling as Darklands. A sequel would probably flop just as hard as the first, but it'd be a dream digging into the incomprehensible nightmare of systems and bugs all over again.

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Everything in the universe is telling me to say Darklands 2. Then there's that Serpent game on Kickstarter, but if there's a game that I know for a fact won't have an actual sequel with the same amount of care put in that would be Darklands.

Also I'm waiting to see how Might & Magic X did before I get my hopes up about any more of those ever happening.

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The final battle was really boring/bad but I wasn't too turned off because the rest of the game had already turned me off by that point. I remember really liking the leadup to the boss fight, and was almost shocked that that was the end of the game.

Definitely not a high point for the game. I liked the ending mostly because it really pointed out how minor your characters are with respect to the rest of the universe, even if that isn't the most friendly way to describe a bunch of characters in a tactical game like this. As long as they stick to their plan for sequels then its just a better way to end the story they had written anyways.

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Gotta back my boy Johnny V.

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Preferably, both. Banner Saga is quite easy, despite what seemingly random occurrence and the occasional couple days sans-food tell you. Very linear, super short, but a pretty cool storyline and the art is simply amazing. It sounds fantastic as well. Divinity is much, much longer (40-70 hours) and is harder in the beginning but eases off considerably. Solutions to problems in Divinity are some of the only in games right now that constitute actual choices in combat and solving problems, sadly without consequences that Banner Saga sometimes (annoyingly) has.

In the end I liked Divinity more mostly because it was like Ultima 7 if the combat wasn't disgustingly bad.

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@tennmuerti: Everything you've said makes me very happy. I wasn't particularly fond of the OC's story (Me and other GM friends have written better told tabletop stories) but I really hated the ending of the whole thing. Hopefully my decker character won't be a paper-weight in 90% of the story like last time.

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@development: I really hope the city of Yharnam is the main hub, kind of like a sprawling Firelink/massive Nexus where you have to take distinct paths to the separate "areas" that exist as logical extensions of the Gothic environment. Then it would feel like this city is the main environment without turning into icy tundra and other weird shit. I like weird shit, but man it'd be so fucking cool to be able to explore the back alleys of that city. Even calling the werewolf a "Cleric beast" gives me high hopes for where they're going with this game's vibe.

@pyrodactyl: y'know, I was thinking that too but in the end I'm okay with that if the game is still really good. There are plenty of upcoming RPG's nowadays that I feel like I don't have to worry about that. I'm ready to enjoy this game as a stupid action game if the setting, sound design, and tone remains this dour throughout.