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  • delaying a turn simply puts the character at the back of the turn que for that turn only, this is useful if you want your fighters to wait for buffs/debuffs or for the enemy fighters to come to you

how is this done?

right hand side of the screen there is a little brown shield icon, that delays your turn but ONLY works if you didn't spend any AP yet.

Just hit space to skip the turn (by which I mean the current character's round, and not the party's rounds) whenever, no matter the AP spent.

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Dan is pretty great.

This should be on the front page of every website. All of them.

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Knights of the Chalice is the best shitty mid-80's RPG made in the last 10 years.

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This is too incredible to be true, time to wake up.



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@mb: yes, pixie dust to make magic ink/quill

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Can anyone explain to me what the hell you do with blank spell books? I have one for witchcraft but I don't know how to make it an actual spell...I assume some sort of crafting needs to happen but I'm at a loss. I tried looking it up and didn't find anything useful

I actually just found a book that indicates you have to enchant a quill & ink in order to inscribe your own skillbooks. I haven't gone any further with it.

Fairy dust is the key (Magic dust? I forget what it's called)

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A few I picked up throughout the game:

  • Rain is so useful. Wet status makes anything that casts Chilled turn into a Frozen status, and the Chill Wind (?) spell has a very high probability of working
  • Invest in witchcraft! It has a slump around level 9-11, but once you get Mass Weakness and Death Punch (!!!!) everything will be worth it
  • Speaking of witchcraft, Oath of Desecration is a flat damage bonus (i.e. it applies to any sort of damage your character deals) for 3 AP/Small CD
  • Pick up the wildfire spell, as the burning effect counteracts that pesky freeze CC and gives Haste
  • Summons are a nice crutch in the early game as the AI likes to focus them down first
  • SAVE YOUR RUBIES (and get Crafting to 5)
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@james_hayward: There are definitely quest lines for both of the regular companions that span nearly the entire game (one of them lasts until the second-to-last area). You can always talk to them and get more from there at intervals in the game where it makes the most sense. They're about as well written as the majority of the stock of Bioware characters, but I think the "poorly written" part is definitely a function of few companions and not much reason to visit the Hall of Heroes where a larger group of storied companions could talk. Neither has great characters, but Bioware definitely gives them more air-time with conversations.

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@spraynardtatum: just hit 60 hrs and I think I'm close to the finish. It's been fine mostly, character-wise, but I'm here for the combat and dumb/wacky dialogue/world. Don't take it too seriously.