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If I listen to a song too much, then I might get tired of it for a while but a good song is a good song and it will eventually sound fresh and exciting again. The lasting power of a tune is wildly variable and it's usually your fault for overlistening, but sometimes it can be a good chorus that gets tiring after a few listens.

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Oh sorry, I thought you were implying that I should care.

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They were also ridiculously homophobic, sexist and racist and they made a number of songs joking about the Holocaust so fuck them.

Based on their band name and song titles alone, I always thought the point of AC was to be as humorously offensive as possible. Not that they actually believe any of that crap.

I think that's just as much of a reason to ignore them as trash. Making dozens of songs titled "X is Gay" or stuff like "Ha Ha Holocaust" or "Pregnant Women Make The Best Punching Bags" makes me and every other sensible music listener go "You're just trying to cover up the fact that your music is shit by creating controversy." And how many holocaust jokes can be made before it's safe to assume the person making them is secretly antisemitic?

Oh, I don't deny that they're trash. Just a quick trip to you tube can tell you that their music is pretty awful. I'm not defending them for those song titles either, as they're certainly about as offensive as they can possibly be. I'm just saying that I'm not convinced that they actually believed any of that crap themselves.

Seth Putnam (the guy who pretty much was the band before he bit the dust) was a crazy motherfucker. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that he was actually a terrible person because, from past experience, he kind of was.

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I dunno, he's just a dude. Some of his tunes are really, really rad though.

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I think he's picking the easiest way to start off his articles. It might not be the best way, but it's a really simple segue to go from "well, I didn't expect this!" to the article itself. Though I think it'd be better to intro with something else, I don't know shit about writing proper articles so yeah.

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No, that's petty and restrictive.

But, If I'm going to be honest, half of the metal bands I like have really dumb names. For example, Gorgasm is a pretty silly name.

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You are my favorite. Will be using for the rest of time...

(or until you stop supporting the page)

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Keep bringing the developers in to comment on stuff like the SG Indiegogo, Patrick. It helps educate people, and I know that you want that. Though I think getting info from industries outside, but relatively similar to, the games industry - like, a SFX group or animation studio - would be helpful. It'd stem some of the "well, you're a developer so of course you're gonna say it's that expensive!" comments at least.

And I was literally watching one of Grubby's WC3 videos before I clicked this and that guy... man, if there was ever a player that shows everything that's awesome about the eSports community (the exact opposite of an asshole, independent sponsorship, and so much more) it's him. Legendary good manner.

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I'd like a Bombcast with Ken Levine instead. That would be pretty rad.

Oh don't get my hopes up.

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I think he was talking about a browser-based game on some internet show a while back...

I don't remember. I want to be excited, but Garriott's best days as a developer are far, far behind him.