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@winternet said:

I only have one kind of music that I like: good music.

Seriously. Everything, as long as it's good.

My last playlist I used while studying and Dota'ing was a mix of Rotten Sound, Girl's Generation, and 65daysofstatic.

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Everyone is awesome at times, and everyone is the worst at times.

Like, for example, the CD-ROM bit on the last Bombcast. Everyone was terrible for that bit.

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@oscar__explosion said:

@siroptimusprime said:

Ranch is okay on like two things, neither of them pizza, and even then I want to die after eating it.

Well now I have to know what those two things are

Now that I think about it there's only one thing: tomato and basil Wheat Thins.

That shit is cash, but yeah I feel like the worst person after eating them.

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Ranch is okay on like two things, neither of them pizza, and even then I want to die after eating it.

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Anything with Jeff Green is immediately (roughly) a thousand times better. Add in Vinny, Dave, and Will?

Fuck man, it's a megaton of awesome.

edit: man, my brain is spooling out of my ears or something today.

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I think it's an interesting question actually. She's not macking on dudes or ladies onscreen, right? Some context would be nice though...

Then again I haven't played the game yet, so I don't know if this is just blowing one or two "oh God, I almost died and you aren't trying to skin me alive!" moments out of proportion.

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Nerp. I used the front page forum thing, but I feel like I actually visit more forums and such by using the button (probably the intent of the designers).

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I still believe ShrinkShaq ShrimpWrap is a great name.

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Just started, but I can see it going places. Though I was really hoping that Patrick (seemingly) talking to himself would be a segment by itself. Strangely hilarious.