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Fuck no. That shit is awesome. Then again, I love any and all bread.

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Apparently the Dreamfall stuff is fairly popular, never touched those.

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Well then.

I don't like the progress bar on the lockpick skill, for some reason. It just bothers me that it fills up only to say failure, but if they take it out that breaks a little bit of the immersion. Then again, the big red/green bar doesn't help much. Whatever, that's a miniscule gripe for what will be a day-one purchase anyways.

edit: hopefully those hit rates are true values, because they hit, like, every single shot in that video. Hm. Also, that music is amazing.

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If you like music, then that's all there is to it. You like it. That's it.

Other people can go fuck a whale ass, because giving that much of a shit about someone else's music tastes isn't worth any amount of time in the real world. I like Infinite, a Korean boy band, but I also like Defeated Sanity. What does this information mean to you? Well, it shouldn't mean shit. 'Cause that's fucking stupid.

Also, this mentality needs to die. It's so stupid to think that 'cause some dude likes Lady Gaga that he's suddenly an idiot. Or that because it's poppy or catchy that it's bad. Catchy ain't bad, people!

EDIT: @Animasta said:

I just don't like that guy that thinks K (or J)pop is so much better because they sing in a different language, bugs the shit outta me.

Oh my god. Three or four dudes in the student center make me want to explode talking about this bullshit.

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@Waffley said:

Patrick, you put in so many great links but completely missed Great work nonetheless, and sorry to hear about your accident. Take as much time as you need, and I hope this cheers you up!

Also I can't actually spot a Skate 3 link in there but the header image reminded me that anyone who loves watching ragdolls do hilarious/bizarre/buggy things needs to watch HelixSnake's and his fellow Skate 3 players' videos.

That video is amazing. The clip with the barrels was hilarious.

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This is great. If I put this on loop in the background, is the game bearable?

Whatever, I'm gonna put this on a loop anyways.

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Fair enough. Hopefully that shit heals within the month and there's no nerve damage!

... yay for positivity.

EDIT: Fuck, they're all clickable links now. I knew I hated this guy.

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