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I think he was talking about a browser-based game on some internet show a while back...

I don't remember. I want to be excited, but Garriott's best days as a developer are far, far behind him.

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So ready to rip right into these...

But that is rad.

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CD Projekt RED. Other than that...

@galiant said:

Trust no one. They all want your money.

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I like both, but Cyberpunk as an aesthetic is really rad.

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I'm really annoyed by it but I don't spend my waking hours thinking about it.

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Fantastic article, Patrick. Pulling Dave Lang on this was a super smart choice, and getting that inside baseball (uggggggh) made for an interesting and really informative read. I've been waiting for an article like this ever since reading some people totally not comprehending how a developer uses money from something like KS.

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Loading Video...

I love all the "best of bombcast" videos on Youtube, so I decided to do my own for a project in video editing class. Thousands of dollars in editing equipment being put to great use!

I'm glad your schooling is being put to such great use.

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I listen to it over the week, and rarely ever finish it in one sitting.

I suggest you do the same.

edit: also, don't bother with the people flipping the fuck out over this. There was some stupid arguing about this a few months back, I think.

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I've completed a few games of Angband, and that can get stupid. Erm, I guess maybe Ninja Gaiden?

I don't really know, because most "difficult" games are either memory puzzles wrapped in mechanics that are simple to execute or competitive games that can't be "beaten."