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I don't think that's the game's fault. There should be a level of discovery in this kind of game for it to be entertaining or else the sole difficulty is in the execution of the mechanics which is, honestly, incredibly easy. Imagine if StarCraft was actually only about APM, or if competitive fighting games were only about combos? Lame, lame, lame. Understanding the mechanics and how they interweave should be part of the difficulty level to me, and I think XCOM did it without becoming obtrusive or unwieldy.

There are some games that just do fuck all to help the player out though, and in a terrible way. As much as I've grown to love Crusader Kings II, and slowly Europa Universalis, the in-game tutorial is only useful for learning the very very basics. Then again, if everything was spelled out for you I think it would end up boring as well... so yeah I guess I'm going to turn into the old man calling all of the new games too easy, right?

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I want more rainbows on my video game cover art.

And Eddie Guerrero.

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It may be a fantastic game. I don't want to play it, though.

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@BiffMcBlumpkin: Aw Christ I'm getting Bettlejuice flashbacks.

If you click it his head beats like a heart. Never click it.

This just makes me think that Vinny would be the perfect actor for an old school MK game. Wait, didn't somebody make a digitized fighting game out of the duders?

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It still has at least a year to come out dude.

Also, it's not in motion. One of the best things about TW2's visuals was light and how it related to the camera's motion, y'know? Not like the textures were bad or anything, but if you didn't get the stupid vegetation pop-in then in motion it looked bananas.

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Oh man, that's a good one. I love hearing stories about this game because, so far, the craziest thing to happen to me is assassinating most of my ~20 children one of my characters had (who is still alive at 74, by the way).

I love this game so hard.

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Do fans dig the Witcher 2 combat system? Or perhaps we can see them make a change to something more Dark/Demon's Soul-ish or even Amalur?

They seem to be going more into the heavy momentum basis of the Souls stuff. Pirouetting and swings requiring follow-through rather than canceling and such, though.

Amalur-like? God no. Too floaty and mashy, and would totally peel away the love of the combat systems that made me play TW2 in Dark Mode. There's a time and place for that combat, but I don't think it fits the relatively grounded world of The Witcher.

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I continue to be excited about this.

Now I just wait for the reveal of procedural beard tech.

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I hope it has procedural beard technology so Zoltan and I can arm wrestle with our mighty beards.

You mean like the real time beard tech in Deadly Premonition? THAT WOULD BE FANTASTIC.

EXACTLY. No, really that was the first thing that came to mind.

Except on the RED Engine. Just think about it for a moment. Think of the realistic shadows that The Beard can now produce, or the light shafts interacting with The Beard. The Beard will blot out the sun.

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Also, I totally fucking called the beard a few days ago when talking to some friends. I hope it has procedural beard technology so Zoltan and I can arm wrestle with our mighty beards. Oh, and my favorite plot thread in the whole series is being addressed here.