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Sounds like everything any developer ever has said about anything they've ever worked on.

The difference is that, so far, CDPR has delivered. Hopefully they do it again.

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Do you have tentacles or something that causes you to type your sentences in the middle of shitty Python strings?

Anyways, sorry for talking about our culture. Shit happens.

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I really, really hope this is just an elaborate joke because that name is just too much.

edit: okay, they're Belgian. Never mind. Still think everything about this game is horrendously pretentious.

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The most depressing part is that this does not surprise me at all. The vast majority of everything about that game is shady as fuck.

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Kleptok's reign continues!

Happy birfday, holmes.

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Y'know, I just had this thought. Vinny is pretty much the dad of the site, trying to get everyone to play together nicely...

What the fuck would the community do if he suddenly got super pissed at them for all of this in-fighting? Could he, like, put the egregious defenders and haters into some kind of video jail? Would the site implode, or would people get real "dad yelled at me" feelings and just slink off?


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@mrfluke: I don't think he has to cover all of his grounds, though. That implies that he's going to be pandering to a reader's opinion by essentially saying "imo" at the end of every one of his sentences. If he starts doing that, then the validity of his opinions goes down the tubes because he wants to play it "safe." He should say what he wants and not worry about the opposing opinion unless he wants to interact with the comment.

That's fine and dandy that the community loves Alex and his articles, but Patrick is not Alex and he shouldn't have to insert a shitty witticism or snarky comment just so people like him more. I don't understand this argument against him having an aggressive opinion, like at all. GiantBomb IS opinions, and especially polarizing ones.

@ThePaleKing said:

A bunch of articles that just regurgitate information from other sources and present in a safe and neutral manner that appeals to the community would be so incredibly mind numbingly boring.

And we had that. And his name was Brad Nicholson, and people gave him shit for not having an opinion and regurgitating information... whereas the community now gives Patrick shit for having aggressive opinions. Something they do not hold against Jeff, Alex, Ryan, or Brad on a daily basis.

note: I'm agreeing with you. Hard to convey via text :D

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I'm loving this. I like how Cornwall has become this nightmare black hole that your game is slowly getting sucked into.

Keep posting these, 'cause this is hilarious. Also, it makes me want to play more of this game which is - honestly - fucking astounding. It's been a while since a game kept me for more than 2 months straight.

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@mrfluke said:

but i stand behind my words though, i dont believe we're all assholes just cause of the reception to those articles, and that this community is one of the best around on the internet.

And he think so too. Listen to the podcast and you will hear that he think that the community is a really awesome place. The best one he's been a part of he says. I think he is well aware that comments don't represent everyone on Giantbomb.

then i think that type of talk should be surfaced more on giantbomb or on his tumblr or in his stories.

see thats a core problem that gets him all the flak, he's a very opinionated person, but he doesnt give enough nuance to his opinion, and if hes the news/opinionated guy, then i think its absolutely on him to give as much nuance to his opinions as possible, especially if hes going to mix opinions into news, and DEFINITELY when doing discussion pieces

Listen, I'm not trying to call you out - in fact I'm going to say that I'm not calling you out at all, and this is just a point I'd like to make - but that's some of the worst backtracking I've ever heard. A fair chunk of the complaints against Patrick are because he puts his opinion into pieces, which continues to baffle me to no end. There is no nuance to the hate because they just don't like his opinions, so him being more opinionated isn't the solution to getting people to start liking his stories.

And so, continue. Just thought it was worth mentioning.