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Kojima and del Toro are making a new Silent Hill. We all win.

I really hope this stays a true statement. I've been let down for far too long by the Silent Hill franchise.

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I met some people that I'd consider good friends through Dota and Giant Bomb, actually. Fighting games have given me a bunch of good relationships, and tabletop gaming (which I sadly don't get to do that often anymore) usually involves a new person once per session.

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@falserelic: Its totally normal to think that what she said is an excuse. There's a decent possibility that it is, but given the information (mostly that you have her phone number) she literally is busy. Maybe she wasn't talkative because she has a strained relationship with her mom, or her brother has a surgery and they're going to support him, or her dog is having a colon check. The point is, you don't know and you shouldn't immediately assume the worse because that sets an unfortunate precedent for you, mentally. I know its hard, but just don't think about that weekend. Not being as talkative? She probably got your call and likely is just as nervous about the situation, especially if this Danny has any sort of impact in her life. I'd be willing to bet she's nervous about splitting up with Danny, who is likely her boyfriend, as he's become distant (which is why she's mentioning him to you) and sorta fielding the prospective afterward or if she even wants to have another relationship at all.

Or I could be talking out of my ass and she just missed your call, had a previously scheduled dinner, and a massive work load. I don't know, and I can only guess wildly based on what you said. Either way, don't look at this like some sort of insane trick or wild goose chase she's leading you on - that sort of thing doesn't really happen in the real world with normal ass people. Life is just getting in the way, or somethin'

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I wish I could care. I love the games that he used to help make, but that was 20 years ago and I just don't have the heart to give a shit about anything this man's done in the recent past (other than being in that Text Adventure documentary a while back).

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This is great.

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@video_game_king: Yeah... I guess, but I still think it'd be better to say "All of the guys need to get better at this" because it's a site-wide thing. Or something, it's weird since you don't get to much of the content where everyone else does the exact same things others have been complaining concerning Dan. I dunno, always been bothered by this activity ever since people complained about Rorie a long time back doing things that Ryan or Jeff had done all the time (I forget the context). It feels like sad, blind fanboyism. At least their comments, not yours specifically.

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@video_game_king said:

I watched him in the Jet Gunner Quick Look today, and I have to say that I'm not a fan. It was pretty grating to see him discover things in the game that he should have known about beforehand.

I've always wondered this, but how little of the site's content do you take in? Because that's the sort of thing that's in 1/3 of most videos nowadays, if not more. I just think calling Dan out specifically for "not knowing something beforehand" is exclusionary considering that's been the case since ~2010. i'm not saying we shouldn't be questioning it and talking about it, but we should probably include all the crew's collective lack of awareness.

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I went to login on Origin to collect this (I've been getting a bizarre itch to play these games) but then instantly forgot what my login information is. Last time I tried to retrieve my information took about two weeks before I finally got an email, at which point I didn't give a shit what I had even wanted it for previously.

I'd literally rather pay for this on gog than deal with that again.

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I dunno, me?

I tend to forget about things that I actively dislike. Makes it easier on my psyche. If I had to take a guess it would probably be Dickens or something like that, i.e. authors paid by page/word in magazines/papers that result in overdrawn novelizations about the eating habits of wealthy people.

edit: I clearly meant Dickens and not Bruce Dickinson

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Playing King's Quest IV, V, and VI because they were rotting away in my GOG account and I need new fodder for my adventure game series.

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For some reason I picked up Warframe again and I've sunk around 100 hours into it over the last 4 weeks. It's still a fantastic shooter and more spacey than ever. The repetitive grinding is very soothing during these troubled times. Playing a game or two of Unfinished: Heavy Bullets 05/22/2014 every day as well.

Sad part is I also purchased Divinity: Original Sin, Jazzpunk, SteamWorld Dig, Transistor and Valiant Hearts over the last 4 weeks without touching any of them.

You are a monster. Jazzpunk and D:OS are probably my favorite games this year. Fucking great games.