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Playing King's Quest IV, V, and VI because they were rotting away in my GOG account and I need new fodder for my adventure game series.

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For some reason I picked up Warframe again and I've sunk around 100 hours into it over the last 4 weeks. It's still a fantastic shooter and more spacey than ever. The repetitive grinding is very soothing during these troubled times. Playing a game or two of Unfinished: Heavy Bullets 05/22/2014 every day as well.

Sad part is I also purchased Divinity: Original Sin, Jazzpunk, SteamWorld Dig, Transistor and Valiant Hearts over the last 4 weeks without touching any of them.

You are a monster. Jazzpunk and D:OS are probably my favorite games this year. Fucking great games.

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@djou: Always possible. I remember them talking about the soundtrack relatively frequently, but I could be misremembering (I just watched again, but my memory is about as useful as wet cardboard so who knows). Either way, sorry for the possibly confrontational tone - was a bit of a testy morning. I agree that a lot of the content could start to feel churned out, especially with GBeast feeling like they're just grabbing any indie game in a sort of slapdash way of making content. It's still a weird transition period (cue the raw vegetables because jesus fuck that's been said for about 5 years now), so I'm just hoping that the personalities gel and the party continues.

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Hey @danryckert:

My only tip so far is play more computer games dude! Your lack of familiarity with some of the older ones as you said you never had a good computer seems weird. I know GI always seemed rather console focused but now you gotta catch up. The WoW content is a good start I hope to see more.

PS: Dota isn't dumb wrestling is dumb.

As someone who played on a terrible computer in the mid 00's and was forced to play games from the mid-late 90's as a result, I wholeheartedly disagree. Mostly because I stopped coming to Giant Bomb to agree with the cast on games, and Dan is certainly not stopping that trend.

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@djou: you are way over the top. Everyone member of Giant Bomb starts Quick Looks of games sometimes without knowing about them.

Yeah, I know and that is weak filler content.

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@djou: I don't say he's bad at his job and dumb either. You're going way too far, it sounds childish. It's really fine if you don't like him but to say he's phoning it in already? What?

I don't think he is dumb or bad at his job either, I never said that. Obviously he has worked in the games press for a long time so he should know good from bad coverage, but his work so far is lazy and his insight is shallow. This is exactly how I would describe Game Informer and most traditional mainstream game coverage. Having personality and reciting a list game features isn't offering meaningful insight. I wrote that after watching the Lovely Planet QL which literally told me nothing about the game. Neither Brad nor Dan talked about any of the game features and he played like total garbage even though it was his second time through the levels. They went on about the game soundtrack which you couldn't hear... at all. They didn't even mention that it was from the devs of Speedrunners. Contrast this with something like the Hotline Miami QL, Ryan was enthusiastic while discovering the game, jammed out on the soundtrack, and showed off the game.

The reason I subscribe to this site instead of just getting game news from the dozens of very good Youtube or Twitch players is that these people are professionals. They are paid to play and think about games. They have insight and access to developers not available to some yo-yo in his bedroom playing games with a face cam. There's value in experience. If Dan talked about video games like he did wrestling then the story would be different, unfortunately I don't give jack shit about wrestling and this is not a wrestling fan site.

I'd be interested in your version of the Lovely Planet QL where Brad was there instead of Drew and Dan didn't immediately say "I've never played this game before." Interesting. Also, I don't know what platform you watched the QL on because that soundtrack was really loud in the mix for me. It was an awesome QL because of that. Also "showing off the game?" Didn't they do a few full worlds' worth of levels?

I understand the rest of your comments, but I think you should either use actual evidence or back up some of the other mentions (like saying the soundtrack wasn't at all audible, which can be dependent on more than just the source mix).

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@sgtpierceface: That's almost kinda shady. If I didn't know Dan was such a manchild, I would've assumed shenanigans.

The thing is that everyone knows he's a manchild.

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Both are fucking awesome, but I haven't watched the Fortune Street thing in a long time. I should probably go back again.

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I loved this game when the PS2 launched, though the things I only remember about it are a shitty stealth sequence, a bug where spells and items would auto-cast by opening the sub-menus, and the back half of the game being really unusual with the pseudo-Asian elements coming out of absolutely nowhere.

The opening few areas were really cool in, like, 2002 though. Fun times.

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I've been reading and listening to the RPGFan guys nut all over this game for the last couple years, so I've gotta try it out. I haven't played a good jrpg since I picked up Nocturne in 2011.

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@leebmx: I can't recommend playing it again because you didn't seem to enjoy yourself, but I really want to. Maybe its because I played the first one when I was really young, but I have such fond memories of those first two games that I think every fan of the modern games should at least finish them (and maybe only the first one) once to get a grasp of where the roots really are. There is some insane stuff you can do in those games, especially for the time. The only way you'll die in the beginning, or the ways that I can fathom, are by getting a pack of 4-6 radscorpions spawning on you immediately and taking their turn first. Even that has a good chance of being an escapable encounter and after that the game is pretty much smooth sailing if you know to talk to the people in Shady Sands (I assume this was the first town you found) and any town after that.

My first instinct in Fallout for some reason was to pickpocket everything and, let me tell you what, that is still a damn fine strategy. I think my terrible 6-year old brain said "eh, this place sucks so I'm gonna steal this cool shotgun."

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@humanity: I went back and had a mess around with Fallout 1 (it was stupidly hard).

I'm sorry, but if you think the original Fallout is at all difficult you're investing in lockpicking or something. I am genuinely confused. I don't even mean this in a "wow, u r so stupid lol" sort of terrible internet egoism, but Fallout is a very easy game no matter which way you play it. It's incredibly broken in lots of ways that you'd naturally stumble upon.

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new Mad Max movie coming out - Tom Hardy

This is literally all I needed to hear to be into this. Cannot wait, loved the Mad Max movies.