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I loved this game when the PS2 launched, though the things I only remember about it are a shitty stealth sequence, a bug where spells and items would auto-cast by opening the sub-menus, and the back half of the game being really unusual with the pseudo-Asian elements coming out of absolutely nowhere.

The opening few areas were really cool in, like, 2002 though. Fun times.

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I've been reading and listening to the RPGFan guys nut all over this game for the last couple years, so I've gotta try it out. I haven't played a good jrpg since I picked up Nocturne in 2011.

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@leebmx: I can't recommend playing it again because you didn't seem to enjoy yourself, but I really want to. Maybe its because I played the first one when I was really young, but I have such fond memories of those first two games that I think every fan of the modern games should at least finish them (and maybe only the first one) once to get a grasp of where the roots really are. There is some insane stuff you can do in those games, especially for the time. The only way you'll die in the beginning, or the ways that I can fathom, are by getting a pack of 4-6 radscorpions spawning on you immediately and taking their turn first. Even that has a good chance of being an escapable encounter and after that the game is pretty much smooth sailing if you know to talk to the people in Shady Sands (I assume this was the first town you found) and any town after that.

My first instinct in Fallout for some reason was to pickpocket everything and, let me tell you what, that is still a damn fine strategy. I think my terrible 6-year old brain said "eh, this place sucks so I'm gonna steal this cool shotgun."

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@leebmx said:

@humanity: I went back and had a mess around with Fallout 1 (it was stupidly hard).

I'm sorry, but if you think the original Fallout is at all difficult you're investing in lockpicking or something. I am genuinely confused. I don't even mean this in a "wow, u r so stupid lol" sort of terrible internet egoism, but Fallout is a very easy game no matter which way you play it. It's incredibly broken in lots of ways that you'd naturally stumble upon.

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@mb said:

new Mad Max movie coming out - Tom Hardy

This is literally all I needed to hear to be into this. Cannot wait, loved the Mad Max movies.

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I wish I could quote this 14,000 times without being instabanned. Conquistador is fantastic for tactical cRPG nuts (turn-based, because we ain't scrubs), tabletop gamers or anyone who likes to roleplay a little bit + people who care about C&C in their games, and people who go directly to midnight from anything having to do with American (N+S) history.

I wish I had finished the game, but school got in the way and I never actually completed it. Which means I should start a new game, like, today.

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@xeiphyer said:

What if we just installed a microphone in Vinny that just broadcasts everything he says to the internet, always.

Have him join Zoe and Patrick? What, you want Skynet to win?

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@savage: I actually have been playing a little Divinity, although I'm having a hard time getting into Divinity's setting, my hope with something like IE or BG was that the traditional D&D worlds would be more my style.

What exactly are you looking for that Divinity isn't giving you? If it has anything to do with the fantasy setting, you're probably SOL. If you're looking for something more serious in tone, those old games have their jokes for sure (mostly in references a la names or snippets of dialogue) but generally are less jokey and nonsensical than Divinity's.

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If you're the sort of person that gets perturbed by another man's eating habits (as long as they don't involve something truly grotesque), you're not really going places.

I thought it should be said.

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I have an eternal hatred for Edward Furlong, and I'm almost positive it stems from T2.