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Has fandom gone too far?

Yes, but I don't think this is the straw that did it.

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Unrelated, but at some point (I think when Jeff did a video about Kinect Xbox One TV integration), some guy pointed out that Jeff says "chennel" whenever he says the word "channel", and now it's all I can hear. So fuck that guy.

It's bothered my soul ever since I heard him say the word channel.

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All of the locations in that trailer - or at least what I immediately imagined with a few of the Kings' names - are the real hype here.

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@poprocksandsoda: No, but the horse goes through enemies so you would have to use it reacting to frozen effects on the ground rather than after getting frozen. Iron Skin, I believe, breaks frozen. Frozen is considered a stun effect, which the charge can't actually break.

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The first thing you need to know is that paper toughness weighs vitality very heavily, which is bad if you're actually looking for a huge pool of effective hp. Always stack all resistances and armor well over vitality. However, don't take that to mean skip vitality in general. It's variable - you'll figure out the hp pool that fits for you as you play. Escape and movement is hugely important as well. For instance, the crusader should always have the steed charge on their hotbar. There's no excuse to not have it: a) it provides extra mobility and b) it's a get out of jail card. It's just too good not to have it, and if you start gearing at 70 getting the flail that doubles the duration of the horse makes it nearly constant.

Furthermore, the strongest stat you can raise on a crusader is Cooldown Reduction. It's really strong on other classes, but the crusader straight up needs it. Having horse or iron skin up an extra 3-4s per fight accumulates and is insanely useful, not to mention skills that actually do damage (and lots of it). It's hard to recommend a way to level in hardcore other than make sure you don't overextend and, though I hate to say it, you kinda have to be playing real lazy to die in low difficulties. Play safe, there's no reason to go over your gear capabilities. You *can* play 'til 70 on Normal/Hard, but it'll take an age.


  • Stack all res and armor, keep some vitality but don't over-invest
  • CDR is the strongest general build for a Crusader and keeps you alive longer
  • You have tons of utility/safety skills - Iron skin, Shield glare, horsey, and more (hell, even falling sword)
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@fetchfox: It was bad. All bad. Not explosive diarrhea bad, but it wasn't worth the money or time (in either case).

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@fetchfox said:

@corruptedevil: True, TV shows associated with games don't have the greatest track record.

We can go the other way around (I think?) and talk about Defiance. Doesn't that sound *much* better?

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@humanity said:

I wonder when Giant Bomb will abandon reviews all together.

Might be when Vinny and Alex have their East Coast thing all figured out. Maybe, who knows... I don't.

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You're a fucking monster, man. A glorious, beautiful piece of shit.

(P.S. This is the best)