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If you're the sort of person that gets perturbed by another man's eating habits (as long as they don't involve something truly grotesque), you're not really going places.

I thought it should be said.

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I have an eternal hatred for Edward Furlong, and I'm almost positive it stems from T2.

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For your consideration:

Chet and Shao Kahn, Street Punks

Came to say this, was not disappointed.

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@defaultprophet: I didn't see that he said "title or registration." That's pretty great.

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Apparently Jester Thomas makes a glorious return.

It is pretty glorious indeed.

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@defaultprophet: Apparently, according to some people here, because of where he lived they in fact didn't come up before. The DMV is incredibly stupid and there's a good reason they usually come up when talking about why bureaucracy is frustrating.

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I really hope I don't have to re-do that Rogue challenge. That was just an un-fun deck to use.

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These discussions lead to more people being aware that, hey maybe Giant Bomb isn't actually safe for *everyone* to enjoy? Maybe there are some people that aren't comfortable being around the forums/comments, but no let's keep discussing how "your" fun is being ruined. Okay, sure. Good. Great.

My new catchphrase is I DON'T GIVE A FUUUUUUCK

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I wrote notes for Ultima Underworld not too long ago, mostly in the game's map-note function. M&M6 also required a bit of note-taking as well, and by the time I was done with Myst I had a few pages filled to the margins with nonsensical gibberish, shoddy math, and shittier maps.

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My favorite EVO moment was partying with Long Island Joe until 7 am friday night at Drais after hours. Guy is fucking awesome.

Also, super proud of my friend thrillhouse for getting 33rd. Still the best ibuki NA, hopefully he can break through next year

Joe is literally the coolest guy in the FGC. Never had/heard a bad word about him. Legendary dude.