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Knights of the Chalice is the best shitty mid-80's RPG made in the last 10 years.

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This is too incredible to be true, time to wake up.



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@mb: yes, pixie dust to make magic ink/quill

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Can anyone explain to me what the hell you do with blank spell books? I have one for witchcraft but I don't know how to make it an actual spell...I assume some sort of crafting needs to happen but I'm at a loss. I tried looking it up and didn't find anything useful

I actually just found a book that indicates you have to enchant a quill & ink in order to inscribe your own skillbooks. I haven't gone any further with it.

Fairy dust is the key (Magic dust? I forget what it's called)

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A few I picked up throughout the game:

  • Rain is so useful. Wet status makes anything that casts Chilled turn into a Frozen status, and the Chill Wind (?) spell has a very high probability of working
  • Invest in witchcraft! It has a slump around level 9-11, but once you get Mass Weakness and Death Punch (!!!!) everything will be worth it
  • Speaking of witchcraft, Oath of Desecration is a flat damage bonus (i.e. it applies to any sort of damage your character deals) for 3 AP/Small CD
  • Pick up the wildfire spell, as the burning effect counteracts that pesky freeze CC and gives Haste
  • Summons are a nice crutch in the early game as the AI likes to focus them down first
  • SAVE YOUR RUBIES (and get Crafting to 5)
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@james_hayward: There are definitely quest lines for both of the regular companions that span nearly the entire game (one of them lasts until the second-to-last area). You can always talk to them and get more from there at intervals in the game where it makes the most sense. They're about as well written as the majority of the stock of Bioware characters, but I think the "poorly written" part is definitely a function of few companions and not much reason to visit the Hall of Heroes where a larger group of storied companions could talk. Neither has great characters, but Bioware definitely gives them more air-time with conversations.

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@spraynardtatum: just hit 60 hrs and I think I'm close to the finish. It's been fine mostly, character-wise, but I'm here for the combat and dumb/wacky dialogue/world. Don't take it too seriously.

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@spraynardtatum: Well you can click through so many of the main storylines and be up to speed with your journal, but I'd recommend reading everything. It's littered with fun dialogue, its just the overarching main plot isn't particularly great or engaging.

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Are the companions bad? There's a lot of positive Say, maybe could I hear about the stuff that isn't so hot. Seems like the consensus is that companions are a bit lackluster but overall the games a smash. I wanna know more. $40 ain't something to be taken lightly.

There are two companions with storylines, but at a relatively early point in the story you can hire whatever kind of companion you want. They're basically generated dudes of each starting class. Here are some things you should consider whether they are negative or not for you:

  • The game isn't hard by any means, but on normal it's not a Bethesda game in terms of being able to just walk through anything whenever you want. It's not that kind of game
  • Addendum to the previous: areas are generally cordoned by level, and going up against things that are 3+ levels higher than you - while totally possible - is much, much harder so you have to do some walking around to figure out where to go. Again, it's not a handhold-y (at least as much as recent) games
  • The starting options of each class are customizable, so you can start a Knight that focuses on Two-Handed and Water Magic or a Fighter who's way into Willpower and Leadership or whatever
  • There isn't a grid in the game, so sometimes you have to inch around the battlefield with free-movement to get an angle, or the enemies might sway slightly causing you to waste a round walking next to where their body used to be (pro-tip: aim for the hips)
  • Everything is completely valid in every stage of the game, you just have to manage differently for the scenario at hand - i.e. mages aren't wildly overpowered late-game and warriors don't fall off nearly as drastically
  • Quests in this game require you to talk to everyone, and do pretty much every single thing to do in an area - not follow quest markers until you receive XP
  • Loot is entirely randomized, so you might never find a Unique bow for your archer or plate mail for your fighters and the same is true for skillbooks and items in vendors but most of those refresh over time
  • The game isn't afraid of hiding things from you that are only attainable through massive points in the Perception stat - you'll have to find some creative ways around it
  • Speaking of which, the game also isn't afraid of kicking your ass over and over again - F5 is your friend
  • Crafting is mostly creativity and not books that tell you explicitly for the most part how to make them
  • The story isn't the focus, at all, here. The dialogue and writing is mostly fun and the "srsbusnz" stuff isn't worth thinking about longer than looking in your journal

There's a lot more that could be said, but I think those are the real critical points that should be addressed if you're worried about spending $40.