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@medacris: From the sounds of everything here, your family is - and I hate to say it - incredibly toxic to your life. Gaming is clearly not detrimental to your life, financial or otherwise, and all the evidence you've provided points towards your dad being a control freak who feels like he's losing control over what's "his" by having you explore different sides of life. Or he just has a strange hatred of games or feels they're ruining you, but I've found that to be more of scapegoat than a real concern most of the time.

Get a job, find a matchbox to live in, and get *away* from something that makes you feel uncomfortable about being around someone and doing the things you do.

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When they fully fix Immolation and make it at all viable I'll care. That is the only spell in the game that I wanted to build a character around, and found it to be completely horrible. Attunement decrease and self-damage are fine, but the radius of damage needs to be bigger and the damage needs to be something useful.

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I think people should be allowed to enjoy something however they want. That said, if a spoiler of a twist ruins an entire experience for me I likely wasn't going to enjoy it as a whole anyways.

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Fuck mustard. All of it is nasty. Ketchup is also gross.


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@oldguy: I work from home, and only part-time for a school work study, so even when I am working it's mostly spent tabbing between emails and whatever nonsense is up on GB that day. I imagine there's a lot of high schoolers and early college kids with not a whole helluva lot on their hands.

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And I really wish I knew what Brad does all day at work.

Oh we all know what Brad does everyday *cough* dota *cough* and Alex just looks at porn, but what exactly does Jeff do? I mean, besides writing a four star review every few months. I'm not trying to sound mean or whiny here. I'm legitimately curious about what he does on a daily basis at work.

Well, Jeff is sort of the boss, isn't he? I also see him in the majority of Quick Looks. On top of that he hosts the podcast and basically every live show. Vinny and Drew have always been super busy as behind the scenes guys producing things and doing set up/camera work. Patrick and Alex handle most of the writing and put up the trailers and various stories.

But what does Brad do? Not trying to bash the guy at all, but it seems like he just disappears. You see him do Breaking Brads once in a great while, but for the most part he is either a quiet contributor on the podcast or a nearly silent addition on most streams. Maybe it wasn't quite so obvious when the office was filled with people back in the day, but it is starting to stand out.

Meetings, emails, conference calls (?), and everything else that comes with working in a drab office building. At least that's my guess, since I doubt people literally sat at their computers all day doing nothing except for hemming and hawing over mailbags and Quick Looks.

But what do I know.

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Seriously considering buying the physical collector's edition from Larian just because of how excellent this is. I think it really deserves to go up in my Moneyed Hall of Waste.

It's really the best game this year by miles. It's just high quality where it counts (encounter design, freedom of choice/solution, etc) and excels at making the game feel like playing it isn't a totally trivial, wasted glob of hours.

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It doesn't matter how long I've been out of the scene, EVO is FUCKING HYPE.


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@seppli: At level 5 I went north of town and did some stuff in the woods, around a cave. Or you can go towards the beach with the trap as that's a 6-8 area, I think.

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