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That last segment though - Max, Dave, and JV playing the regular comedy assholes, Ed Boon as the straight man, and Jeff looking down on his bizarre ant-hill of bad Windjammers announcements hoping that the tall, duck-like ant gets into a fight with the strangely bejeweled Italian ant.

Oh, and doseone. That was incredible.

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I'm not sure what part of any of that segment was real. Phil Fish, DOSEONE, or Giant Robot. All of it was Grade-A nutso.

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If you constantly have another person there watching the stupid, stupid things happening on screen then you might get a kick out of it. Otherwise, run for your life. It's terrible.

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Don't care who it is as long as they gel with the crew and bring something fresh to the table. Like... someone into 4X games, D&D, web design, and fantasy lady wallpapers. But seriously, a nice surprise like Ian would be cool. As long as it isn't Justin McElroy. I could never listen to the main podcast again with him on it. Nothing against the guy's opinions or even things like MBMBaM, he just sounds like he's fighting his way out of seven feet of saliva.

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Charge characters give my life meaning, so that's cool. Never really liked Cammy for much other than doing that one Sako combo in Super in training mode though.

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@gorillamopena said:

The whole movie is worth it for the Bill Murray

This is a completely reasonable statement in and of itself.

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I really enjoy the new patch and makes me remember that Diablo II (one of my favorite games of all time and most likely the one I've spent the most time on) was kind of not great at launch. In fact, it wasn't great until *after* LoD.

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This entire series is just... spectacular.

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This all very business-y and I really don't care about that, but Tretton could put on a goddamn show the likes of which Ubisoft could only hope to grasp for.


I still think he'd win the Reggie-Tretton-Mattrick fight easily.

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Just checked Steam and NB twitter. The wait isn't as horrible as I thought.

We can do this together, friends.