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The base game is very disappointing - it's railroaded, thin on what I expect from this sort of game, and clearly designed for few of the classes. Still haven't gotten to Dragonfall but I have little faith in it, despite what others say/said about it.

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Unless it loses a massive amount of steam in the next 30 or so hours, Divinity: Original Sin is easily the best game I've played in the last two years. Might & Magic X wasn't bad either, but I still haven't technically finished it despite really enjoying it (mostly due to the game performing like dogshit at launch). Wolfenstein and Age of Wonders III were pretty good too.

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This game is either never coming or is going to be an absolute trainwreck.

Can't wait!

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Call of Cthulhu is hands down my favorite rule set just because of the streamlined skill system and intuitive enough stats. It lets me nerd out about history and the 30's in ways I usually don't get to, and is really casual to play.

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I really hope not. That era of games looks fucking terrible.

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Playing this now because of the Steam sale. I was going to pick it up eventually because this style of shooter is always a blast (the new ROTT and Shadow Warrior come to mind), and am finding myself really enjoying everything the game has to offer.

Great interview @patrickklepek!

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Hmm, a lot of "this is the game we wanted to make all along!" throwing their older games under the bus a bit. Are they implying The Darkness and Escape from Butcher Bay were bad?

I can't speak for Machine, but personally as a "creative" there always has to be a laser-like focus on your current project - straight up caring about only that - or else you end up stuck in a loop of decision paralysis or reiteration. At a point you have to decide that this thing you're doing will work, and become so entranced by that idea (and whatever parts of your previous work that sit poorly with you) that the current thing becomes your realest thing.

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Congrats, duder! Or not? I dunno, that Dave Lang guy seems like a real motherfucker.

Windjammers 2.

Make it happen or we disown you. jkjkjk

P.S. Not really.

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I remember normal being really easy, but it's been so long (probably around 2004) since I even touched this thing. I do remember really enjoying the game, though so maybe just go with normal and consider it a bad horror story.

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@lyisa said:

Has fandom gone too far?

Yes, but I don't think this is the straw that did it.

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Unrelated, but at some point (I think when Jeff did a video about Kinect Xbox One TV integration), some guy pointed out that Jeff says "chennel" whenever he says the word "channel", and now it's all I can hear. So fuck that guy.

It's bothered my soul ever since I heard him say the word channel.