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These discussions lead to more people being aware that, hey maybe Giant Bomb isn't actually safe for *everyone* to enjoy? Maybe there are some people that aren't comfortable being around the forums/comments, but no let's keep discussing how "your" fun is being ruined. Okay, sure. Good. Great.

My new catchphrase is I DON'T GIVE A FUUUUUUCK

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I wrote notes for Ultima Underworld not too long ago, mostly in the game's map-note function. M&M6 also required a bit of note-taking as well, and by the time I was done with Myst I had a few pages filled to the margins with nonsensical gibberish, shoddy math, and shittier maps.

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My favorite EVO moment was partying with Long Island Joe until 7 am friday night at Drais after hours. Guy is fucking awesome.

Also, super proud of my friend thrillhouse for getting 33rd. Still the best ibuki NA, hopefully he can break through next year

Joe is literally the coolest guy in the FGC. Never had/heard a bad word about him. Legendary dude.

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16.3 mil PvP'ing and forgetting to pick up my bloodstain. My reaction was, and I quote:


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  • leadership is a very useful stat for a 4 strong party, it gives willpower, crit chance, damage and a lot of other stats depending on it's level, the most important of these is +5 initiative to everyone else in your party, which is frequently enough to make them all have the first turn in combat before the enemy

Can't recommend this enough. Immunity to Fear later in the game is really, really, really helpful.

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I find it really sad because, from what I recall, that episode was mostly centered around Rikishi and Dan's shitty food habits.

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Rorie is the fliest, most dapper motherfucker here. He's the One True Community Manager (I have no idea what your title is), and reading "I just wanted to play some Divinity" on twitter genuinely made me really sad. May there always be puppies in your life.

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  • delaying a turn simply puts the character at the back of the turn que for that turn only, this is useful if you want your fighters to wait for buffs/debuffs or for the enemy fighters to come to you

how is this done?

right hand side of the screen there is a little brown shield icon, that delays your turn but ONLY works if you didn't spend any AP yet.

Just hit space to skip the turn (by which I mean the current character's round, and not the party's rounds) whenever, no matter the AP spent.

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Dan is pretty great.

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This should be on the front page of every website. All of them.

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Knights of the Chalice is the best shitty mid-80's RPG made in the last 10 years.