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Huh, I wouldn't have expected John Walker to be someone who liked it quite a bit. I figured for sure that Rock Paper Shotgun was going to have a deeply negative review. This actually makes me more optimistic, weirdly enough.

In a bizarre twist of events, that review made me really pessimistic. In fact, that review was one of the two I read and decided "naaaaaaaah."

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All this is making me want to do is find my copy of Doom 3 and reinstall the Dark Mod. Or buy Deadly Shadows, haven't decided yet.

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I want... no, need this.

@pazy said:

Any word of if this might happen? I need a notebook camera!


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@slag: Yeah that sounds like a bummer. The best part of this game was being able to go back to Myst Island and read up a bit, or just walk around a bit more. I'll never understand the "illogical" argument leveled against Myst. It's pretty blatant for the most part what you have to do, you just have to induce some things.

I really hope I line up some good games between Riven and Myst III then... because now I have to see the horrific boredom for myself.

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@veektarius: I was surprised by how strong of an impact this game had on me. Every bit of information I've ever heard about it led me to believe it was literally a hidden object game with nothing else behind the scenes. Weird how that works with games like these...

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This bundle is fucking magical. Bought this immediately because I missed Antichamber, Dust, and The Swapper.

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There's some stuff in the movie, like the impossible windows and "tricky" sets and shots, that is really interesting. Sadly I thought most of the rest was just poorly put together in terms of being a watchable film.