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Been really enjoying it for the past couple of hours, already I can tell it is going to be one of the best single players experiences I have had in a very long time.

However, I have a question to anyone who may be GPU savvy. I am running this on my older 560ti. Its getting 40ish fps on low settings, but still it looks great and I am totally fine playing this way. But I have noticed the card is steadily in the low 90s range of temperature, once or twice hitting 94. Normally I stick to CSGO and DotA, so it is never at full load and hovers around 70c in game. Is there a chance I can drop into the low 80s by replacing my thermal paste? I am pretty confident in my air flow. I would love to play this without forking out a new card or destroying this one. Thanks in advance!

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Pretty entertaining ready these comments many months later...

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Like others have said, things change. Sure I miss Patrick, Ryan, Dave, etc... you can go on forever with the amount of people we have seen come and go who have had big and small roles in making content for this site. But, just as much I love Dan and Jason and all the other people who make casual appearances like Mary, Danny, etc. that we never used to have. Some day people will be nostalgic for what Giant Bomb is now. It's just the way things are.

With that said I do miss some of the odd things we see less of nowadays such as:

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But the site still has great people who are making great content without compromising anything, which is all Giant Bomb has ever been and hopefully will always be.

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I cannot fucking wait until they play 4

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I think I remember reading from Jeff's blog once that you joining Giant Bomb was the best thing to ever happen to the site. And he was right. You are a genuinely good dude, who does genuinely good work. It's not going to be the same without you at my favorite site, but you've got places to go and things to do, and I can't wait to see what's next. Best of luck man.

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Majora's Mask is a fucking outstanding game, but yea it is definitely on the list. The souls franchise and DotA also come to mind.

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So torn on whether to purchase this or not. running a 560ti and Phenom II x4 955 3.2ghz which actually is just below the minimum. Somehow I find it hard to believe that it wouldn't at least run low to medium decently well considering I have been able to play the likes of witcher 2, skyrim, AC black flag, etc on high settings

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Without a doubt CS:GO is the best FPS on the market, but it is 2014 so you probably already know how you feel about Counter Strike,

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