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I think I remember reading from Jeff's blog once that you joining Giant Bomb was the best thing to ever happen to the site. And he was right. You are a genuinely good dude, who does genuinely good work. It's not going to be the same without you at my favorite site, but you've got places to go and things to do, and I can't wait to see what's next. Best of luck man.

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Majora's Mask is a fucking outstanding game, but yea it is definitely on the list. The souls franchise and DotA also come to mind.

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So torn on whether to purchase this or not. running a 560ti and Phenom II x4 955 3.2ghz which actually is just below the minimum. Somehow I find it hard to believe that it wouldn't at least run low to medium decently well considering I have been able to play the likes of witcher 2, skyrim, AC black flag, etc on high settings

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Without a doubt CS:GO is the best FPS on the market, but it is 2014 so you probably already know how you feel about Counter Strike,

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@starvinggamer: Since when is Plus required to play PS3 games online?

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Have always loved these guys, so hyped they joined Giant Bomb

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That is pretty awful, normally in a game like this graphics would not bug me much, but atmosphere was such a big part of the past two entries and it would really be a shame if it could not match the same quality. I cancelled anyway because Amazon had my order coming two weeks from now for some reason, guess I'll just read some reviews and wait it out a little bit.

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The only effect you can have on another player is to deny them something - to inhibit their growth. Denying isn't unique to DotA. Not by a long shot. In the traditional FPS setting, you could deny another player by grabbing a power-up before they do. But it's a better move to just focus on killing them, because then they won't get that pick-up, AND any other progress they made this life will be reset. Killing a hero in DotA doesn't put them back any, it just denies them the time on the field earning experience. But at the same time, you can deny them that by pushing them out of lane, by tricking them into wasting time fighting you, or simply killing the unit they're about to get XP off of (this specific denial mechanic is specific to DotA, but the rest are valid almost anywhere). And all of these are generally more efficient than killing another hero, but give the same effect as a kill, so they are more important than kills. To kill or deny is the choice to waste your time and theirs, or just theirs while you continue to farm and grow.

This paragraph does't really make sense. I don't get what you mean by denying is the only effect you can have on another player. You can kill enemies, heal allies, use spells and items on them, etc. And killing a player in DotA does set back the enemy, not only do they lose out on not being in lane to farm and get xp, but they also lose gold, and can lead to possibly losing towers or objectives like Roshan. And denying creeps or pushing the enemy out of lane certainly does not give you the same effect as getting a kill nor is it necessarily more efficient. Denying xp is pretty much all you get from denying, which is great and all, but killing completely puts them out of any xp gain for a period of time, causes them to lose gold, you to gain gold, and you to gain a large amount of experience. I don't know how you can possibly compare the two as if they get you the same thing. To say focusing on denying is more important than killing depends on so many different factors it is impossible to say doing one is always going to be better than the other, but even so killing will probably be better in almost every scenario. But in the end why not do both?

This whole thing seems very uninformed and many things you say are just outright false. For example, you go on to talk about how League of Legends teleport accomplishes the same tasks as DotA's TP scroll and how the differences have no impact on the flow of the game. It is hard to take anything seriously in this post after reading something like that. I understand if you don't like DotA, that's cool, but you clearly need to learn more about it before criticizing the game based on how it's systems and gameplay works. I understand if you don't want to take the time to learn all these things, and that itself is a fair criticism. It is a very difficult game to learn and truly understand how everything works and why it works that way. I totally get if people hate DotA for that. But some of the things you try to criticize without even knowing the basics about those things is really ridiculous.

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Fuck Saint's Row 3, can't believe I bought that pile of shit.

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Karen Snider has my vote. So does Sean Coonce, but neither will ever happen.