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I can't really think of anyone else who could be so spot on and biting with his humor and then be equal parts generous and thoughtful. He embodied ( with the rest of the giantbomb crew) the essence of never taking yourself too seriously, which is not nearly as easy as he made it seem. Thanks for the hours and hours of witty insight into all things mundanely epic and epically mundane.

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I second Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, as well as Rhythm Heaven Fever.

Sin and Punishment 2 is pretty great.

Punch-Out Wii if you were a fan of the original titles.

The No More Hero games if you are a fan of Suda.

And I'm excited about Pandora's Tower which releases in March stateside ( though I don't know where you live.)

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Wii U virtual console is mentioned by Iwata in one of the recent Iwata Asks, so it is planned, but dates and content are still up in the air. But I'd expect content bought on the new virtual console will be playable on the gamepad screen, while the original VC stuff is not.

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The game certainly has a lot of personality, can't wait for it. The Murphy sections are definitely built for a coop experience, and that kind of interaction is a lot more interesting then what they had in NSMBU, so I'm glad they are there as a more integral mechanic, of course for the individual player it may feel disruptive. I do think that experimenting around the idea of playing a platformer from the "other side" is a cool idea, and it probably would have been more interesting to have the Murphy intensive levels be built that way from the start, as opposed to having the player switch off mid-level. I wonder how much they experiment with that in the full game, though I suspect those sections will still be tailored for multiplayer.

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It should be pretty straightforward. The only things I can think of is making sure the Wii remote is working and properly synched up with the console (the first light on the bottom of the Wii remote should be lit blue). It's also possible you might have some infrared interference from some other source, like sunlight, that could be interrupting the signal. After that, I think you might just have a faulty sensor bar.

I don't know how obvious this will sound to you, but the wii U gamepad itself does not interact with the sensor bar, in case that might be the problem, it only works with the original wii/ wii U remotes.

If you need to, you can buy a new sensor bar. Any infrared sensor bar should work with it. You can find some on Amazon for under five dollars if you need to.

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Good to hear. Nintendo just recently put out a firmware update for stabilization issues, so that probably helped.

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For those that bought the Deluxe version of the Wii U, you can now use any points you have gained from digital purchases and redeem them in five dollar increments.

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It only comes with ZombiU, and I think it also comes with a pro controller.

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Oh, I believe it will just sort itself automatically on the eShop, but I'm not positive on that. The eShop is supposed to be down for maintenance from 10 am to 7 pm tomorrow, perhaps they will be adding some kind of functionality then.

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For every purchase on the eShop you make, you accrue ten percent back in points. So if you spend 59.99, you get 599 points. For every 500 points you can redeem 5 dollars that can be used in the eshop. While you can currently add up points with digital purchases, you won't be able to redeem them until starting some point this month.

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