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Mario Party 2 Party II

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Jump Scares are fine to me as long as they are appropriate. When something just is inserted contextually for no real reason, it feels pointless. It's as scary as someone coming up behind you are work and going "Ahhhh!" but in the PT thing, the mood and atmosphere along with the increasing tension made it super effective and enjoyable.

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Dren Rycklan

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I just got one and am in desperate need of friends!


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The animated Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings movies seem super divisive when I bring them up. I love them, they have a pretty stellar look and they approach the material respectfully enough. But half the people I ask about them seem to think they are an abomination, while the rest agree that they were pretty sweet.

...mostly I just want to say that they are pretty awesome. No matter how much certain people hate on them.

Yeah I've heard from people (generally people who are hardcore into Jackson's LOTR) that they hate it, so yeah I'd be really interested in seeing what's so bad about them. Especially cause I'm not a big LOTR guy at all. Maybe the animated will grab me more. Thanks

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Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles. I love this movie, but I saw that it had a low rotten tomato score. I dunno about anyone else's feelings on it.

I love Bad Boys 2. I CAN'T HELP IT!

Thanks guys.

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Haha of course!

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@csl316 said:

Equilibrium. It's got a cool world, great action, interesting story... but it's cheesy as all hell.

Grammaton Clerics practice gun kata, for example. And hunt down Sense Offenders!

Yeah I feel the same way, that'll be a fun one to do.