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I think this is a good place to say I don't like social links.

That doesn't stop me from being excited for Persona 5, but I wish they would just go away.

I wish they were less binary. What I'd love to see is for them to completely excise the whole "You might become closer with them soon..." kinds of conversations (where the S. link doesn't advance) but to compensate for that, make it EASIER to invert the Link or even break it off entirely. If you treat someone like shit consistently, they should stop wanting to hang out with you. The stuff you can say to people in Persona 3 and 4 and STILL want them to hang out with you is STAGGERING.

Persona 3 was a lot better than 4 in that regard. I really liked Yukari's social link because there were parts where if you tried to play it cool and do the things that would most convey your affection, she'd tell you to go to hell and the link would be reversed. If Persona 5 could incorporate an element where you have to be mindful of everyone's personality and make the mechanic more than just "pick the most agreeable choice," it would be really neat.

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I didn’t like Skyrim, but regardless that game is a monumental achievement to game design and an incredible game in every facet, a true 10 out of 10 game.

Man, this kid in that Beyond: Two Souls article is bumming me out something intense.

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@metal_mills: Well, yeah, but that was DCUO. So many other things about that game (the lack of marketing, not really having a strong fan allegiance in terms of games [the Arkham games are the only DC games from the past ten years I can even think of off the top of my head], it being, you know, bad) set it up for failure. ESO has had a pretty big marketing campaign, hell of people bought Skyrim, and REDACTED. "They're MMOs that are on consoles" are about the only similarities the two games share.

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Everyone saying that this game's going to immediately flounder: You realize that it's coming to consoles, too, right? I cannot fucking for the life of me explain why MMOs on consoles are such a lucrative market, but FFXI is not only still going, it's the most profitable Final Fantasy game that Square's ever made. This isn't going to be some gangbusters release, and it may not even turn a profit if it's being made for TOR money, but I am willing to place a bet of thirteen American cents (maybe fourteen) that this thing stays subcription-based and successful until at least mid-2015.

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Has someone compiled a video of bits from the Persona 4 Endurance Run where Jeff and Vinny make innocuous jokes about the plot or mechanics that either come true later in the game or with the creation of P4G and P4A? Because that would be a great video.

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@greggd: I had way more fun playing FEZ than I ever did playing the original SMB. A game's relative importance doesn't make it fun. If you're making the case that only one of those is worthy of long-term recognition, then yeah, sure, I'd agree with you. But the reaction to the former was never "this is one of the greatest games of all time" and was more just "hey, this game is pretty cool." I don't know where this talk of "overhype" even comes from.

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Fez is a very interesting and unique experience, but soon after realizing that every problem in the game can by solved by rotating the world around. Yes, the language, the puzzle hunting, and exploration do take the game further, but there is no real game to begin with. This is an extremely simple platformer with overly simple puzzles, whose main focus seems to be frivolous treasure hunting and letting you know that Phil Fish absolutely believes in dimensions beyond our 3rd.

"Super Mario Bros is a game that can be completely overcome by jumping and moving to the right. 2/10."

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This is the first I've seen of this series of polls, so I'd just like to ask if, at some point during these discussions, Remember Me was brought up.

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Because goddamn if it isn't one of the coolest video game soundtracks I've heard in the past few years.

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I'm assuming all those chairs mean more high school?

Persona has gone through some dramatic changes as the series has gone on, but the crux of it is always high schoolers summoning demons. No idea why they'd bother changing it now.