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I haven't started actually playing yet, but this game has had the best download speed i have ever seen on steam.

Does this happen often?

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I didn't know what THQ stood for until this last week, and now it doesn't matter.

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I used to have similar problem when trying to download video files. But only if i had iTunes installed. This time around, I don't connect my iPod to my pc, because I don't know how to get around the problem of the included player auto opening video in browser.

I download the bombcast about half the time. I use FF and i can click download and i get a dialog that asks me if i want to open it in media player, or save.

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GiantBomb is a viral market.

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I bet you could have some very minor cosmetic work done to smooth out your scar. I don't have any idea what your scar looks like, so I can't say they look fine.

Scars are like tattoos, in a way. They are supposed to be permanent, but with scars, you didn't get to choose the design beforehand. (unless you are one of the people that are into branding or something)

Maybe get a tattoo that says something funny about your scar.... ok, not really.

Edit. I donated my hair to Wigs for Kidseven though they required longer donations than LoL.

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I think you are "undead" to him.

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what score would metacritic get if its scoring system was used on itself and users rated metacritic based on the service it provides?

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i can let my neck go for a few weeks without feeling too bad, but i have to trim my mustache down... i don't want to eat it, and i can't do handlebars...

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yeah, i have several games on steam that i never played.  but i have limited my game purchases to sales where prices are >50% off.  Unless it was something under $10 to start.

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even drinking water, this game would kill any normal person.