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now, where do we find the Infinite Bombcast?

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why isn't anyone suggesting the obvious?  don't shave... just keep a trimmed beard.
"i don't always shave, but when i do, i drink Dos Equis."  isn't that right Zack?

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since it was -40% i ended up buying it.  i am not sure when i will actually get around to playing it.  
so remind me, again, why do I buy games on steam sales? oh yeah, I AM SAVING MONEY... by spending money... ugh!

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we lost one of out threats when i last checked.  NOW... we are only threatened by Jesus.  On the other hand, we are on track to be in the top 1000 overall teams within 2 months.

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i liked the first one a lot. but, not 99 bucks for the second.  69 bucks maybe i would go ahead and jump.

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I was at work.  someone pm me the password so i can watch it on jtv tonight.

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electricity travels at the speed of light.  so as long as the signal is strong enough, you shouldn't notice any latency just using an extension. over extended lengths, you start to see a lower voltage on DC circuits

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I made it into top ten.  looks like I could get spot 7.  not sure though.   people will probably join that will knock me back out of the top ten... but for the good of the team.

i am CatpainTypo on tested, btw

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cmon people, stop changing your passwords, i don't have netflix, and i don't want to spoil it for you either... not all pirates have to be jerks.
wait. i am not a pirate.  and i didn't know anyone watched anything on the internet that wasn't porn or Whiskey Media.

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@destruktive said:
" @wolf_blitzer85 said:
" @Robo said:

But that'll have to wait til tomorrow if this meme hasn't vanished by then. "
Yo dawg this is Giantbomb. We do NOT let this shit go.   Seriously.    <> "

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