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@CL60 said:
" @EVO said:
" When I was younger, like, 2-3 years old, I used to look at B&W photos and think that's what it was like back then - black and white. Then one day it was like Wizard of Oz and the world was suddenly in full Technicolor gray. "
Wait? That's not true?!!? "
I think it means, that blends of black and white were added, giving us shades of grey and gray.
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here is mine from today

and from a year ago

I usually have a very low ping.
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Package Price is: $1073.35 
you pay: $199.99
SAVINGS OF.... a shit load of dollars you could use on other.. "real" games.  BUT, How Can You Pass Up A Savings Of Over $800??
I bought Railworks back when it was a xmas Steam sale, without addons.  Now that Railworks 2 is out, it was updated for free.  I still don't have any addons.  I blame  DAVE SNIDER  and VINNY CARAVELLA  for buying this after the QuickLook.
I have no idea what anyone would need with all that DLC.

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When thinking about moving from one city to another, one of my main priorities is what sort of internet connection i could get.  Followed by, how long will it take to drive to and from work.  
What does it say about me that I would rather have a good broadband connection than a short drive to work? or other geographical preference for home location?
Suffice it to say, I don't want neighbors on the other side of walls, or ceiling/floors is greater than all desires for the next place I live.  Sometimes you want to set off a Bombcast that rattles all the windows... and neighbors might call the cops.

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@MaFoLu said:
" Lincoln Force, maybe... "
Definitely... maybe. but I might hold out for Lincoln Force 2: Colon: Lincoln's Inside Story expansion pack before I bought into it.
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I learned to type with 2 spaces. . . But, I also took a class in high school, where we used typewriters that required you to insert a sheet of paper and printed one letter at a time.

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let Vinny drive, and have rotating guest hosts from everyone in whiskey that wants to sit in for the recording of the weeks' shows.

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this means i am a danger to myself... i like Habanero sauce.

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I would never admit my role in the video games industry.

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nice video