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i wear work pants, khaki cargos, at least 3 days, unless i get a colorful stain.  shirts, socks and underwear get one wear and then a wash. i don't wear jeans very often, so they may go a month or more between washes, but that may only be 4 wears.

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I used to really like classic d2... even though i had the expansion installed for the higher resolution.

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Diablo 2

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I LOVE this picture.

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my preferred method of control depends of the firearm.  For handguns: 2 handed grip, standing; for most rifles: seated on a bench preferred for most accuracy and comfort; shotguns: standing for greatest mobility, but ultimately... behind a belt fed, tripod-mounted fully automatic: prone or seated to sight target with lowest comfortable profile.
"to be honest" I don't believe gun crimes will go away with stricter gun laws...  you know how criminals are the ones that are breaking the laws already...
also, hunting is a great way to supplement a family's food supply.  Granted, you can hunt with a bow or crossbow, but it is desirable to make the kill as quick and painless as possible when harvesting wild game.
I have grown up around guns all my life, and I have NEVER shot at anyone or had any kind of gun related accident.  I have had a few car accidents where I was "in control" which leads me to believe the rumor that cars are more dangerous than guns.

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What realm are you on?
I just started one new character last week on USEast.  
I haven't been playing D2 in a long time.  I used to play on a private server all the time for about 2 years.

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dont forget, you could have more than one partition on your drive.  sometimes there is a backup partition that eats up a lot of space.

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is it just me, or when they say SMB does anyone else think Super Mario Bros.  and then when they keep talking you think, Oh...  super meat boy...?