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then i sent it back to gamefly.

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still, its cool to have this all in a neat package. thanks.

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i was told i have a mullet... which I don't, but what would that make me, if i did?

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when it was invented, not when it was on store shelves?

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i see,  and i guess that is why i was getting out of order in the "theater" mode, also.

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cool, but why do you list persona ER episodes like  "50-1" instead of "1-50"?

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i did too.  and signed up for the 30 dollar off credit card... :D $8 for AC:B... nice deal.

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"trendy" ?

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I would like some more Forza.  I have GT5 from gamefly, and i just can't get into it like I did Forza 2, and more so, Forza 3.
I hope they keep with the ability to pick cars I like, and be able to race them in whatever events are available, like in Forza 3.  I am not sure why the Forza games worked so well for me, but, I would probably buy Forza 4 sometime in the first week of its release.