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If there ends up not being enough interest in the lower level bracket to have a tournament, we'd be okay with playing in the higher bracket.

Name: sixghost

Position: 5

Wins: 51

Region: US

Favorite Hero: Meepo

Name: Khisk


Wins: 80

Region: North America

Favorite Hero: Earth Shaker/Invoker

Name: NotEnoughMinerals

Position: 2/3/4 (mid solo/off lane core/support)

Wins: 54

Region: US East (Toronto, Canada)

Favorite Hero: Puck, Windrunner, Dark Seer

Name: Cogzwell

Position: 3

Wins: 97

Region: US E

Favorite Hero: Dark Seer

Name: Dasunaut

Position: 1

Wins: 72

Region: US

Favorite Hero: Puck

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Lol wiseguys I know PC is the shit but I need a two variable condition. Should I switch the question to Console versus PC? Or are you all just being contrary dicks?

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I'm surprised the SEC hasn't focused on Kickstarter yet. Crowdfunding is illegal in the US with very few exemptions. Kickstarter gets around this because the people funding the project do not gain ownership of the product or company. You pretty much pay upfront for the possibility of getting some SWAG in the future, without any guarantees. It is an interesting way to get around regulations, but if it ends up becoming a big thing then get ready for the government to focus attention to it.

There's a few inaccurate things there. First, the SEC would have absolutely nothing to do with this, because these companies and devs aren't selling securities. Yes, you can't just make a bunch of stocks on the back of 3x5 index cards and go around selling shares of your company, but you can absolutely do crowd-sourcing, because you're asking people to buy things and then you're going to go make those things for people and give it to them.

We are saying the same things. However, if something like this takes off on a large scale (huge group buy pretty much) then regulations may be soon to follow. It is good as a niche market for conventionally hard-to-fund projects, but it does have the potential to be damaging to the average consumer/"investor" when scaled up to mainstream use.

You aren't talking about the same things at all. You are talking about a regulatory body that monitors securities, go look up that word. Kickstarter has absolutely nothing to do with investments, because you aren't investing in anything. It's just a combination form of long-term pre-ordering(for the lower tiers usually) and donation/purchase for anything beyond the lowest tier.
It's no more an investment than going to a store and buying something.
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The real hot potato will be how they portray slavery. In a game that is all about freedom, they pretty much need to take it into account.

I'd be curious how they tackle that as well.

by never ever showing or mentioning it
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I think this kickstarter thing is getting out of hand and is kinda gross. But no one is forcing anyone to do anything they don't want to so I guess I can't complain too much.

disgusting how people are able to fund things they enjoy
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If you're not contributing, it's like your losing money!

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That Hubbins guy has no place in the 10-0-0. Did you see him all the way in the other half? That formation needs players with discipline, not showboaters.

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@sixghost: It actually comes from personal experience with Demon's on release day. 3 hours in and I was worse off than when I started the game. You can say "oh you're bad at video games"... but I got The Kid in Super Meat Boy. It took two and a half hours, but I got that Goddamn Kid.

So "parrot" nothing, I experienced it, duder. Was so disappointed because everyone was so up on Demon's Souls.

Super Meat Boy is part of gaming's refreshing challenge renaissance, right next to Dark Souls.

Patrick compared it to Dark Souls. Dark Souls and Demon's Souls are different games. Also, thanks for sharing your gamer credentials with us.
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Patrick, Super Meat Boy has roughly nothing in common with Dark Souls. Super Meat Boy handles incredibly well, presents you with clear objectives and allows you to try again with a second of failure. Dark Souls handles like a third person game from 1996, is deliberately opaque with the information you require to play it, and punishes mistakes by erasing an hour of progress. That comparison is one of the most cringe-worthy things I've heard you say. And I'm not one of those dicks who hates you.
Whenever people parrot this line, it really makes me doubt whether they've even played the game for more than an hour. I can't think of a single situation in DS where you could lose even close to an hours worth of progress unless you were deliberately trying to do so.
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I'd just settle for improved co-op. I think the world and bosses should scale up depending on how many players you have summoned. You could walk over most of that game as long as you had a co-op buddy, since every single enemy can just be distracted then hit in the back.
I'd also like to see them give the covenant system another shot. It was a really cool idea, but some of them were useless and others were just broken. They should knock down the number to 3 and make each much more fleshed out. Maybe even effect your goal in the final 3rd of the game or something.