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Didn't see this coming. Usually they would just shut a studio down if it wasn't making enough money. Good on Sony for selling and keeping these people employed. I'm not into any of the games they make though, so good luck on Everquest and H1Z1 I guess.

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Scalpers are scumbags. They purchase things that they know will be in demand under limited supply with the sole intention of taking advantage of and abusing actual customers. They ruin the joy one might get out of purchasing something and replace it with a bitter taste of being exploited or missing out all together. While not necessarily illegal, it is rather amoral. Therefore... scumbags.

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@pkmnfrk: The non-XL New 3DS isn't even announced for the US right now. XL is the only current choice. After using the XL I can't go back to the smaller screen. My old-man eyes demand bigger pixels!

I'm just bummed that I can't get a white or grey one with the SNES colored buttons. Even in Japan the LL has the most boring color options.

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2014: Far Cry 4

2015: Far Cry 4

Started GTA V and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker recently though.

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man...that comic bums me out, because its more memorable than really the entire story of destiny. (and im one of those idiots who bought the ghost edition with how hyped and how much faith i had in the game)

Me too, duder. Me too. I keep hoping that Bungie will just say, "Oops, we screwed up and here's what we are going to do going forward: an actual story and matchmaking for raids (because this is an FPS not an MMO)." Additional content aside from the same handful of missions would be nice too, but baby steps.

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I spent 2 hours refreshing my cart, trying to get checked out. I even tried using PayPal. Got to the confirmation screen about a half dozen times. Had it removed from my cart and told that they were no longer taking orders. I'm probably taking this harder than I should, but I am extremely bummed out right now.

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Sucks that I already own Far Cry 4, Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed Black Flag, and Rayman Legends. I have no interest in The Crew whatsoever and even less in any edition of Just Dance. I'd rather have (all or part of) my money for the season pass back or a discount for a future purchase. So now I'll have two copies of Far Cry 4... great.

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@finaldasa: I've not been able to get online co-op to work in Halo CE at all. After a hour or so of fiddling with it I gave up. Really disappointed to not be able to co-op Halo's campaign thus far.

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@heroicdrinkingsong said:

Seems hypocritical of Notch after all his bitching about the Facebook Oculus acquisition.

Not at all really. Oculus Rift was a Kickstarter thing, i.e. publicly funded by fans. Mojang sold alpha access, but Minecraft was getting made and being sold at an early adopter discount. The crowd funding thing is what Notch got upset over because to him it seemed like a bait-n-switch.

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@humanity: @chronix: It is actually centered on single player content. Right now you get a new digital trip, a tommy gun, and a new outfit for Aiden. Later there are new missions and a whole side storyline featuring one of the supporting characters as the playable character.