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My opinion is that dude was quoted as saying something that he probably didn't mean maliciously and was exploited for page views. Stories like this make developers less likely to talk to the press in the future. They are more trouble than they are worth. Not to mention all of the Internet armchair analysts that think they know every detail and have nothing better to do that judge some guy they've never met on a forum. This thread and story are silly.

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Watch the original series, then watch The Next Generation, and finish it off with Deep Space 9. The rest don't exist.

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@fox01313: Haha, that's Jeffery Donovan from Burn Notice as the male lead. Now I have to see this. That dude is great at playing a smug jerk, plus I love seeing actors in early roles.

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@fox01313: I never saw the second one. I might check it out if I get the chance. Sounds interesting.

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I use a pair of Sony MDR-V6 headphones at work everyday. I also own a pair of Grados headphones, but they are an open air design and not ideal for privacy (or not annoying anyone near you). I actually prefer my Sony's over the Grados at this point. One tip for the MDR-V6 headphones is to replace the regular earpad covers with the velour earpad covers. They are about $20, but very comfortable.

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The Blair Witch Project is a goddamn piece of shit. I really loved the well made fake-documentary about it though.

The one that aired on The Sci-Fi Channel? I love(d) that thing.

I always liked the idea behind Blair Witch, but I never liked the execution of it. Partly due to my dislike for faux-documentaries and partly due to my detective father teaching me observational skills as a kid that made me figure out Blair Witch was a fake from the start (They used a 555 number in the Sci-Fi special!). I was a little older when that movie came out too. I dunno.

If I can lose myself in horror though, that fear high is pretty intense. A good dramatic build up with some intense music is hard to beat. I find myself responding more to audio cues than to any visual horror. The sound direction in Drag Me To Hell, The Shining, Alien, and Amnesia all come to mind.

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Closest I've ever been to experiencing that is when NCAA Football modeled several miles of Lexington, KY around Commonwealth Stadium. Not really the same, but until they make a videogame of Justified I'd say that's as close as I'll get.

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I live in Georgia so playing The Walking Dead game has been weird. I also watch the show which regularly films near my home. It freaks me out that so much zombie stuff is happening around my area.

Oh, man I forgot about Walking Dead. I guess if they make a game featuring Rick and company it will start out in my home state at least. I think Rick was from one of the more southern areas near the Tennessee border though.

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That press release is pretty great.

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Of course most people saw it coming. We are talking about The Walking Dead here. Every person left is damaged and insane. The more organized and reliable they seem, the more likely they are working toward your death. You can always expect the worst thing possible to happen. I think the more important aspect of episode 2's plot is how well the whole thing was handled. The "shocking" reveal of what happened to your friend. The dinner party drama. For the most part, it was pretty great.

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Jumping in with the other duders that said, "my house." Same here.