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I've bought Fallout 3 four times and Fallout New Vegas twice. I've bought two copies of a lot of BioWare games. I tend to buy the PC versions of some RPGs when they go on a Steam sale after having played the console version. Did that with Saints Row the Third as well.

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I've already got the games I want for NES, SNES, and PS2, so I'll have to say PC. PC is kind of a no brainer anyway. It is the biggest value, biggest library, and has the (usually) best version of multiplatform games. Getting a PC that can run every game might be a pain. I say this as a guy that mostly plays games on consoles. PC just makes sense to me.

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Had a few dark chocolate raspberry M&M's last night

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So many people that have no idea what they are talking about in these threads.


Also, as someone who has been on the short end of a failed startup company; my deepest sympathies go our to these guys. I hope the talented folks who lost their jobs land on their feet quickly. Nice to see all of the support pouring out over Twitter right now.

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I've requested to join twice, but every time I get an invite I won't let me join. Is there some time limit on these things?

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id hate to think how many of these things hardcore console gamers are going to get through and the costs damn?

360 controllers normally last about two months with the constant button mashing, i can already see in the future videos of the busted wii u controllers and alot of angry people!

What in the world are you doing with your controllers? I still have all of the controllers I've gotten with the systems, I've never had to replace a controller because of use, and I play a lot of games.

To be fair; the controllers that come with my 360 are fine, but I have gone though three of those with the new D-Pad. I don't know if those are made cheaper or what, but I have had problems with them.

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After that ending I honestly have no desire for any kind of dlc, as it will have zero effect on the story.
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Right now I'm focusing on Grognak the Barbarian. I'll get around to trying them all out sooner or later.

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I wish Blizzard could have given away copies of Diablo 2 with every purchase of Diablo 3 and not just the collector's edition. Maybe if they had done that some of these idiots claiming that D3 looks old would see the difference for themselves prior to making crazy-people claims on the Internet. The always on thing does suck for those that purchased the game and just want to play single player when the login servers are down. Where my empathy for them ends, however, is with the venomous outrage within seconds of the services being interrupted. It was out for a couple hours in the middle of the day yesterday, go outside, maybe pet a puppy. Delayed gratification measured in 60 minute chunks is not the end of the world. I've wanted to play D3 since I finished D2 (12 years ago?), so relax people. Give Blizzard at least a day or so to work the kinks out.

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Max Payne is a video game intended to be played on the platform that most suits your needs and/or preferences. Deal with it.

There you go I made that sounds less dickish for you.