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I kind of want an Ouya to put on my shelf as a reminder of how not to do business anything.

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Good read, @patrickklepek. These interviews are kind of like having the dev commentary track. Really interesting stuff.

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Take your time. Know that when you guys get back we will be here to heal along with you. Ryan will be forever missed. We all lost a great host, a talented writer, and a friend.

Thanks for sharing Ryan with us.

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It has been almost 24 hours and I still can't believe the news. I've written a blog about it and sent friends and family my best wishes, but it still seems surreal.

Ryan, you'll be missed buddy. Tuesdays will never be the same.

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I'd say either get on with playing, watching, and reading this stuff you've spent money on or stop buying that stuff. But in all seriousness, play the game. You might not like it or you may find you love it, but you'll never know until you try.

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@lackingsaint I don't know what to tell you. I loved it throughout. The animations, the credibility of the situation, how your aiming is shit unless you upgrade it and so forth. I loved to get one-shot killed; it made me so much better at the game.

Stealth isn't really mandatory, because in a lot of sections, you can just sprint through and get the fuck out. Unless, of course, you have to '' clear '' the area for Ellie and whomever accompanies you. Once you get the molotovs, no stealth section against clickers will ever block you. Throw one bottle in the middle, throw a molotov = every clicker in the area dead. If there's some left-overs, rinse and repeat. As long as you don't move, then won't ever spot you. Same goes for the normal zombies. They'll dash right towards the bottle you've thrown, and they're not really hard to kill.

Thanks for the tip! The Molotov I got towards the end of the segment did save my butt, i'll make sure to keep it in mind for the future.

That molotov trick will make some of the early clicker encounters much less aggravating. If the clickers, or other infected for that matter, are too spread out you can also try to bring them closer together with a brick or bottle first, then molotov the group. As far as upgrades go, improve your aim and get rid of that stupid sway first. After that boosting Joel's listening skills is handy. The rest are whatever. Health was never a real issue if you stealth kill most of the enemies and don't just charge into fights.

I'll say that I loved the prologue, great set up. Then I was on the verge of quitting and never touching the game again for the next several hours. Joel is hard to like at first until you get to spend some time with Ellie. She brings out more personality in him. I really didn't care for Tess at all. The first survivor you meet out in the wilderness/wasteland area, is where I turned around on the game. You've probably seen in the pre-view footage (I'll spoiler tag it just in case) where Joel is hanging upside down shooting infected? Right after that set piece is where things started getting more enjoyable for me.

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@brich: Pricing was going to be an issue either way. In the original Xbox One plan Microsoft and 'select retail partners' could set the prices, removing consumer agency. Now we just have the same problem of Microsoft and Sony not paying attention to pricing the way Valve does with Steam.

The glorified demo service of family share was scrapped because it required DRM hooks that are now gone. It can be brought back, but yesterday MS was spinning it as a great loss to guilt gamers. They can bring it back in the future, and have said as much, but I would assume that they need time to build the new digital rights infrastructure. Personally, knowing what it really is I couldn't care less if they bring it back.

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Titanfall and fantasia are coming to 360 so I wouldn't call them xbone exclusive. Titanfall was the only reason that might get me to buy a xbox one but I'm just going to play it on 360.

Yep, like pyrodactly said, plus PVZ: Garden Warfare is coming to 360 as well.

I mention in the OP that the list itself is just considering the PS4 and Xbox One, not everything else.

Sure. Not being critical of your list, just stating my rationale.