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PSN: sixpin (same as Xbox Live and Steam)

Timezone: EST

Launch: Everything but Madden and FIFA.

Toss a Giant Bomb in your message so I know your a Duder.

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Yeah, I grabbed Knack for my free game. I feel like it might be pretty good. It at least doesn't look bad. Assassin's Creed IV is the one I'm really looking forward to the most of the ones I ordered.

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Not shocking. Microsoft is weird about updates. I had to edit the registry in Win 8 to get it to stop rebooting in the middle of playing a game or anything else I was currently using the machine for. Their engineers seem more concerned with software than user experience. Hope they get it ironed out for Xbone launch.

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Yep 9 years of Gold and over 70k GS and I got nothing. Microsoft is good at making customers feel ignored, when you consider PS+ members get a lot of free games for just being members. I personally feel like Sony is better at showing customer appreciation even if it is just marketing smoke and mirrors.

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Yeah, you can disarm the mines. If you crouch and move very slowly, aim your reticle at the mine, once you are in range the reticle will turn red and the mine will start to beep, click it. Just save and practice. That area with all the mines is a great place to practice disarming mines. Don't be afraid to save scrub it to learn.

Also, I know you've already made a dude, but you don't seem super far in yet so I'm going to throw this tip at you. Create a guy with an INT stat of 8. Then as soon as you leave the vault run east toward Rivet City. It is a big beached aircraft carrier converted into a town. You'll run into some nasty dudes that you aren't ready to fight, just run. Once you get there don't bother talking to anyone in town (specifically the scientists as it might cause a glitch with a later quest), but run down to the laboratory and grab the science bobble head off of a desk. Run back to Megaton and start questing like normal. Now your INT will be at 9, the max level. That gives you the most skill points possible when leveling. It makes your dude a juggernaut in the late game.

There is also a hollowed out rock behind Megaton with some handy goodies in it. Some sniper (I forget his name) stashed a rifle, stealth boy, and some other goodies in there.

Don't worry about energy weapons early on. Small arms are going to be much more prevalent in the beginning. Get a shotgun as soon as you can. I found that to be very helpful in clearing buildings and caves in the early game.

Stealth. Use it. Early game your stealth will kinda suck, but put points in there when you can. Starting a fight with a massive crit (and a bloody mess perk for fun) is a great way to start encounters.

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Yeah, I had zero trouble with the driving and shooting. I did however hate how fragile you are and how the AI are all crack shots that can headshot you while running or in a high speed car chase.

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@pedrofrazillio: Yeah, I picked one up last night at my local GameStop. Controllers and Killzone are in stock as well.

@aviar: I think it is mostly UI stuff and automatic account login. There may be some retail or PSN games at launch, but I'm not sure.

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@phrosnite: Not to blow your mind, but I'm American and I like mustard AND mayo. I like both of them more than I like ketchup. Honestly, I've never understood the mayo hate. If you don't like something fine, but the level of disdain for mayo seems silly.

Bonus info: I sometimes put mustard and ketchup on hot dogs.

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Trevor is the best characters that GTA has ever had. He's a sad, lonely, sociopath wrapped in the disguise of a madman. Michael says it best, Trevor is the proto-hipster. He hides his pain in being weird and scary, that is why he acts out like a bully. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and has little regard for those he finds weak or boring. You aren't supposed to like him and want to be his friend, but he is there to be a morbid fascination for the player.

All three characters are narcissistic psychopaths with family issues. Michael is the family man. Trevor is the madman. Franklin is the everyman. On their own they aren't the strongest of characters, but that is the beauty of GTAV - they aren't alone. The three of them together make it all work. None of them are good guys that I'd want to hang out with, but of the three Trevor is the train wreck I can't seem to look away from.