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It isn't as big a loss as people think it is. Word is coming out that it was just a way to distribute timed demos, based on what 'family' flagged users on your friends list had purchased. This is something PSN already does without the added restriction of needing someone on your family list to have purchased the full game.

Here's a story on it, straight from a bitter sounding MS employee:

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There's a strong possibility that I'll get a PS4 for exclusives. I might get a Xbox One at some point if there is some exclusive that I can't do without. Aside from that I'll probably be focusing on my PC more this gen. I don't care about TV/Sports/CallOfDuty or Kinect. The used games issue doesn't effect me directly (not much anyway), but I dislike it out of principal.

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@the_nubster: Not that odd really. A Link to the Past is a very highly regarded SNES game. Just Nintendo continuing to dig back into their deep line of nostalgia fueled game titles. I'm tentatively excited for a sequel to A Link to the Past - my personal best Zelda game ever. Hopefully, the sequel doesn't suck.

Earthbound coming to VC is cool. Bravely Default and SMT IV are interesting. And I'm always down for more Mario & Luigi games, as long as they keep up the fantastic writing from Bowser's Inside Story.

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Xbox Gamertag: SIXPIN

I've got a decently leveled Pawn from the vanilla version of the game. I stopped playing about half way in, but I plan on picking it back up after Dark Arisen comes out.

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Deadwood. I liked Carnival and loved Firefly, but I'd really like more Deadwood. I like Justified and am glad I can still get some Timothy Olyphant acting that way, but I miss Al Swearengen and Wu.

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@xeirus: I expressed myself clearly, you clearly prefer to try and troll. You could read the rest of what I said on the topic. Or you can just lazily spout internet-isms. Whatever.

Just because content isn't locked behind a pay wall every week doesn't mean there is no content, stop being so dramatic.

There has been plenty of content given the fact that they are all on the road, get over it, it's only 2 weeks... Jesus-fucking-Christ.

I'm not sure where you are coming from with "pay wall" and "drama," but you seem to being trying to lure me into either some kind of argument or bullying me into your line of thinking, neither of which do I have any desire to submit to. I will admit to making the mistake of "thinking out loud" in the comment section. Guess I could thank you for reminding of what I dislike about internet communities, but I won't. I'm off to have a weekend.

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@xeirus: I expressed myself clearly, you clearly prefer to try and troll. You could read the rest of what I said on the topic. Or you can just lazily spout internet-isms. Whatever.

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@dr_mantas: Yeah, I've been a subscription based member since it was introduced. I originally paid to just support the Giant Bomb and the people that I liked. I just feel like the content is getting farther away from what I liked about Giant Bomb back then. Everyone seems so dismissive and cynical in most of the content, but I hope that new hardware might lessen that. The live streams are some of the only places where things feel less formulaic. It could be (at least in part) that my tastes are just different now. Basically, I want a site that covers game news, has interesting video content, and is generally excited to talk about video games even the bad ones. I guess I miss the old 1UP Show era of games.

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@dr_mantas: I agree monotony is bad, but as they just started Unprofessional Fridays and the new Wednesday show (it doesn't even have a name yet) has there been time for monotony to set in? It doesn't really matter, just my personal feelings. I've been trying to justify the $50/yr for membership as of late and stuff like this makes it harder.