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Turning off the mini-map doesn't suddenly trick my brain into thinking that I'm in a free-roaming environment. Besides, the linearity of FFXIII isn't just in the maps. The entire game's structure is so linear that it is to the point of suffocation. The player has no real control over which characters make up the party until chapter 11. That's 11 out of 13 total chapters! Sometimes the story divides your group dictating the composition of your party. Other times the game simply chooses for itself. Character customization is a joke. Even unlocking new job paths for characters is done automatically by the game once you reach certain points in the story. The whole experience is taken out of the players hands and tells them to just sit back and enjoy the ride, while pressing Auto-Attack.

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Final Fantasy XIII isn't a good game. At least not at the 11 hour mark that I'm at. The graphics are beautiful, but the level design is boring. The battle system is a dull somewhat "push-auto-to-win" kind of affair. Granted just hitting auto isn't a constant fail-safe, you need to switch your group's roles (paradigm) up depending on the situation, but the classes that they can become is chosen for you by the game at pre-determined points. Often I found my characters topped out in CP (the points you use to upgrade) long before the next skill tree or class type would magically appear. Plus the game is constantly dividing your team into smaller groups due to contrived in-party fighting. Not only is it annoying not to be able to switch characters in and out at the player's discretion, but some of the group compositions are frustratingly handicapped. Whoever thought Sazh and Vanille would be fun to pair up and play with alone should be slapped. Too often the game fluctuates from easy to frustration and it all seems to stem from the lack of control or customizability FFXIII has to offer the player. 
Yes, I'm a long time Final Fantasy fan. I've played since the NES days. Does this color my opinion? I'm sure it does. As a traditional FF game or even as a JPRG, this game fails thus far. As a new type of spin on the RPG genre... I'm not sure where it fits. I'll keep playing for now. From what I've read, I'm about halfway to the point where the game opens up and gets interesting, but I hope I can make it there soon. If it wasn't for the title on the box, I most likely would have given up by now.

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@jaycee13: Clowns are freaky, dude. 
So, my buddy - who just got back in town from drill - and I were walking back from the corner store. We wanted to make a quick soda and snack run before we started playing some games. Well, our game marathon got delayed... As we walked back I passed behind this old guy that looked a little unstable. He was standing on the curb and kind of tottering back and forth a little. I assumed he was drunk and/or crazy and wanted to keep an eye out for a knife or something (paranoia yahoo!). Next, I sense some movement out of the corner of my eye and there is this loud sound of tires screeching. I spin around fast enough that I see this pizza delivery driver sliding to a halt, while the older dude is literally twirling through the air. First thing I thought was, "Oh, shit! This guy is dead and the pizza driver is screwed for life." We call 911 and in just a very few minutes an ambulance, two cop cars, and a fire truck show up. By this time the old guy is moving around and actually trying to get up (against our advice). 
The EMT said he was shaken up and would be fine. The driver was allowed to go back on his way. And my friend and I started walking back to my apartment. That's when it hit me, "Dude, you don't think... was that our pizza we ordered?" 
Luckily it wasn't. In the confusion I failed to notice that it was a driver from a different pizza place. Not as freaky as it could have been, but freaky non-the-less.
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@brotherlu: I read that as "In Canada gnomes come out for 69.99 which is extremely high..." and I thought, "Man that does seem like a lot of money for a gnome, but money well spent!"
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Heavy Rain is a good game and the story works for what it is, but it isn't a very well written story. The plot has a few holes in it and the true identity of the Origami Killer didn't really make sense in context with the rest of the game. 
Not to say that it couldn't be rewritten and made better or for another franchise to do it right. I thought Silent Hill was a great game to be written into a movie - it is just too bad that the director was way off in vision and the acting was subpar.

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@CptBedlam said:
 Hey, don't flame on me. I didn't bring up Crysis nor did I call it shallow. I just defended it when this came up. "
Nobody that you quoted flamed you. Just pointing out the diversion of topic that this thread was suffering from. 

I'm pretty excited to play FF XIII. I hope it is as good as I want it to be. The long development cycle and confusing descriptions of the combat system have me worried. As far as what platform to play it on... I am a little torn. I know I'll get it for PS3 due to it being developed for it originally, but I crave some 360 Achievements. Trophies just don't do anything for me like Achievements do - I'm not sure why exactly.
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@CptBedlam said: 

@LiquidPrince said: 

" Continue this discussion on the Crysis boards or in a private message and stop derailing this thread. "

" FF13 really is probably the best-looking game to date." ...this was written in the first post. People disagree and cite examples. Do you have a problem with that? "
I think what he has a problem with isn't that people think Crysis looks good, but that the thread turned into a flame-bait argument over the finer details of the quality of Crysis as a game. The thread was intended to share his opinion on FF XIII, not debate the merits of a 2+ year-old FPS.    
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Consider me surveyed.

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@End_Boss: I would have to say yes. Everything I've seen says that loyalty is required for survival. If you are high enough in paragon or renegade then it won't be an issue for you.
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Black for me. 
The white design is just too bright to look at comfortably. I like how clean the white design is, but the eye strain isn't worth the trade off.