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Black for me. 
The white design is just too bright to look at comfortably. I like how clean the white design is, but the eye strain isn't worth the trade off.

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Avatar was bad. The story was terrible. The dialog was cringe-worthy. The characters where generic and had zero development. It was a vehicle for Cameron's special effects display. Was Avatar nice to look at? Sure. Do I care if I ever see it again? No. It is a very divisive movie. Amazingly, some people think it deserves any of the praise it is getting. I'm glad Ryan didn't care for Avatar. I find it interesting that Jeff doesn't even care to see it. Their dismissive attitude toward Avatar makes me warm and fuzzy inside, but that is probably because I agree with them. Best part of all of this... It is all just opinion and isn't worth anymore than the weight you give it.

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The control scheme for AC and AC2 really is one of those things where you have to get back into the groove. I got smacked around some at the start of AC2 until I remembered, "Oh, riiiiight... This is how I play this game!" Glad to know I'm not the only one that has to re-acclimate themselves to this style of combat.

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To be fair we don't know much about what Moneypenny did in her free time.

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Just to echo what Semition is saying, yes. I beat ME1 two times on the same career save file. When importing into Mass Effect 2 it showed both game clears even though I only had the one save. I assume that BioWare will keep the same game save import feature in ME3. "If it ain't broke..."

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  Yeah, that SSFIV box art is garbage.

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Might check this out when it hits the discount bin, but it doesn't look like a $60 purchase. Jeff, if the framerate is fixed in the PC version can we get another short QL? I'd pick it up for sure if it handles better on PC.

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Looks like a fun game for chilling out with some friends online (or local if it has it). I doubt single player would be as much fun, but I could be wrong. I do love some Civilization Revolution and this might scratch that itch.

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If it makes you feel better Brad, your enthusiasm for Nuts & Bolts is what made me finally pick it up last year... that and the $20 sale price at Best Buy. :)

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Lexington, KY USA
I'm at work on the University's network atm. I'll try it at home on my 20mbps connection later today.