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Very good. Gamers tend to be very docile and take any shit given to them. Especially console gamers who can almost wholly be blamed for dlc. This, metacritic bombing and the Playstation hack is very much a triumph of will.

Look out everybody! One of the PC Master Race done come here to lern us sumthin'.

Wait... this is on PC and the result of always on DRM. What does this have to do with consoles or DLC?

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@ntm: I don't think it has anything to do with Ryan or Rapture directly. I get the feeling that the rebels are former members of the Founders that grew tired of oppression. The leaders however are probably just fighting over power and using the fears and desires of their people to fuel the war. Same crap that our governments do to us today.

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Great write-up, Alex. Always enjoy hearing what Ken Levine has to say about game creation. I'm really looking forward to Infinite. The time period and premise behind the action hits a lot of the right cords with me. If Infinite can be a fun shooter with a completely immersive story, then it will be a success in my book.

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Mr. TearGas was really off-putting. At first I thought he was just some bum that wondered in off the street to yell about the government and how the cops WON'T STOP HASSLIN' HIM!

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I'll take more Mario & Luigi titles anytime.

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i dont understand the giantbomb staff tweets on the homepage , the forums would be better at that spot

Yes, I agree with this 100%. I have Twitter. I don't really need that feature instead of telling me what's hot on the forums right now.

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@idbloc: Right, but I wasn't necessarily talking about my own activity. I liked to see a summary of what was being talked about on the forums without needing to actually go into the forums page.

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I also just noticed that there's no info for Comic Vine in the footer now. Just a link to Gamespot. That seems weird.

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Off the top of my mind:

  1. No way to know what a thread is related to without clicking on it first.
  2. No most recent forum activity on the main page.
  3. User images are gone.
  4. Still getting used to all major content being left aligned.
  5. No achievement/trophy tracking.

Aside from that, the new text editor is pretty awesome. The new Bombcast player is slick. Oh, and the black design is still the best design.

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Black is still the best version. I can't do white. It is too harsh.