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I traded up the day the 3DS XL came out and never looked back. I actually use my 3DS more now due to the bigger screen. Maybe I'm just getting old and don't like looking at tiny screens anymore.

Oh, and what said... Fire Emblem.

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Final Fantasy I-V are good games. I mostly love them for nostalgia and seeing how the genre grew over the early years. However, Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII, and IX are probably the best of the series. Personally I adore IX for being such a modernized tribute to the older era of Final Fantasy. Even though I already own all of these games across different platforms, I kind of want to have them all loaded onto my Vita. Maybe I'm a sucker, but $5 a title seems alright.

For those that haven't played FF Tactics, I urge you to do so.

Those Dissidia games though... I don't know about those.

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@usgrovers: That is assuming every Wii U sell is a return customer that bought a Wii and Motion Plus remote. I even bought a launch Wii, but never purchased a Motion Plus remote. So, I had to buy a Motion Plus remote when I bought a Wii U. Also, I hear that a second Wii U gamepad is going to be pretty expensive when they are available.

Just too many moving parts to nail all of that down into a marketing message. What Nintendo needs is killer software and lots of it. In a couple months or so they may be struggling against the reality of new, more powerful systems.

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Just looking at the February and March releases is getting me up there. Some I'm interested in; Fire Emblem Awakening, Dead Space 3, Sly Cooper, Metal Gear Rising, Rayman Legends, Tomb Raider, GoW Judgement, BioShock Infinite.

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@LevelUpAdrian said:

These comments are worrying.
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I didn't think this game was all that good. But I rarely agree with the reviews/opinions on Giant Bomb anymore, unless it is Vinny. To be fair I don't agree with a lot of other review sites as well. My tastes are just different than the mainstream games writer these days, it would seem.

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I don't care about any more DLC until the level cap is raised. The story isn't interesting enough without some story progression. Just more Go Shoot This Thing quests don't excite me at all. I played the first DLC with my capped character and found it rather dull. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I liked the first game just for what it was and yet with BL2 I don't really care to play without some sort of progression.

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@uniform: I liked Small Wonder, but yeah... I doubt it would hold up now.

I loved Alf as a kid, but man is that not something you can ever go back to. Seriously, if you ever liked that show just keep thinking that and never look back.

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Way too early to say at this point. Right now, I assume I'll do what I've always done: get both systems as soon as possible. But with this DRM/RFID and IP talk, I may be waiting for price drops if at all.

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I don't see this doing great if it is going to cost $1000 retail, like the model on which it is based.