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Mr. TearGas was really off-putting. At first I thought he was just some bum that wondered in off the street to yell about the government and how the cops WON'T STOP HASSLIN' HIM!

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I'll take more Mario & Luigi titles anytime.

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i dont understand the giantbomb staff tweets on the homepage , the forums would be better at that spot

Yes, I agree with this 100%. I have Twitter. I don't really need that feature instead of telling me what's hot on the forums right now.

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@idbloc: Right, but I wasn't necessarily talking about my own activity. I liked to see a summary of what was being talked about on the forums without needing to actually go into the forums page.

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I also just noticed that there's no info for Comic Vine in the footer now. Just a link to Gamespot. That seems weird.

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Off the top of my mind:

  1. No way to know what a thread is related to without clicking on it first.
  2. No most recent forum activity on the main page.
  3. User images are gone.
  4. Still getting used to all major content being left aligned.
  5. No achievement/trophy tracking.

Aside from that, the new text editor is pretty awesome. The new Bombcast player is slick. Oh, and the black design is still the best design.

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Black is still the best version. I can't do white. It is too harsh.

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@towolie: A lot of those things were said about Wii pre-launch. We are now months into the Wii U and sales have been low. The current state of Wii U is sad compared to how the Wii was selling at this point in its life (as in sold out everywhere). I don't really remember people saying PS3 would fail, just that it was too pricey and needed a price drop - which was true and happened.

Point is, Wii U isn't doing so hot. I bought one. Haven't played it since the week it came out. I have buyers remorse like a Move/Kinect owner.

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Wow the game that sold me on Wii U I will now be buying for 360. The September thing is a bummer though.

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Atari for Pac-Man (even that was probably more my parents purchasing decision)

NES for Super Mario Bros.

Gameboy for Tetris

SNES for Super Mario World

Genesis for X-Men

GBA for Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Virtual Boy for $25 (hahaha... Seriously though, I still have it)

Playstation for Final Fantasy VII

Dreamcast for Evolution: The World of Sacred Device

Playstation 2 because I loved Playstation

Nintendo 64 for Super Mario 64

GameCube for anything Nintendo made

DS for Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

Wii for Mario Galaxy

3DS for Super Mario 3D land

Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 cause I knew I'd want them both for exclusives.

Vita for Persona 4 Golden

Wii U for Rayman Legends and LEGO City Undercover