Weekly Rundown - 05/14/12-05/20/12

Games this week:

  • Game Boy Color - Pokémon: Blue Version
  • PC - TRAUMA, Machinarium
  • PS3 - Heavy Rain
  • Xbox 360 - Condemned: Criminal Origins

So, I basically didn't play games all week and then packed a little bit of each game into the weekend. And I skipped on Mass Effect this week. I actually didn't boot up the 360 at all except for about an hour when I was showing Rebekah Condemned, which she was not as frightened by as she expected. But we didn't get far into it, Malcolm just showed up at the apartment and I'm escaping out the alleyway.

We also played a little more of Heavy Rain. Shaun's disappeared. Sad times for Ethan. And Jayden has set up his little office space in the police department. I dunno, I just wasn't feeling it, I guess, because I got bored of it pretty quickly and didn't feel like playing anymore. Just wasn't in the mood for it.

I did, however, play a game called TRAUMA for the PC. It's sort of a point-and-click game mixed with an interactive dream sequence. The voice acting is really good, an excellent companion for the game's aesthetic. Very short though, took me less than three hours to finish it and do everything there was to do in the game. I feel like these things go over my head sometimes, partially because I don't have anyone to have a discourse with about it, besides the internet. But, it was fun, another check off the list of Humble Bundle games I've purchased and haven't played.

In that same vein, I started playing Machinarium. That game is reminding me that I'm not great at point-and-click adventure games. Or maybe Machinarium is just a difficult game, I can't tell. But, I'm something like an hour into that. It's cute and I'm really into the hand drawn art style.

And, of course, more Pokémon. I just cleaned Team Rocket out of Silph Co. and I'm gonna tear up Koga's gym in Fuchsia City next. Current roster is Train (Pikachu), Asura (Poliwhirl), Fluffy (Venusaur), Momma (Marowak), Cilfford (Flareon), and Shazam (Kadabra). Not much to say on that front. Still deciding on a water and fire type. Asura's working out pretty well, but, I'm less pleased with Clifford so far. We'll see!

And that's it. We'll see if I play much else this week, I've just been starting to feel burnt out, needing a little break. Watching a lot more television and films. Plenty of The Munsters. Love that show. Anyway, see y'all next week!