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I would LOVE to see a Big Trouble in Little China video game. Good gods!

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  • Man of Steel: $62.6 million
  • Monsters U: $73.5 million
  • World War Z: $24.1 million
  • Total: $160.2 million
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Games this week:

  • Game Boy Color - Pokémon: Silver Version
  • Xbox 360 - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
  • Playstation 3 - DJ Hero 2

Games! I honestly don't know how many more of these I'll do, as I'm getting tired of it. Once every week since May last year, I'm just getting tired of writing for myself, I guess.

So, mostly, I powered through Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Because I'm tired of playing it but I can't stand to leave a game unfinished. But, mission accomplished, I finished the story. And now it's back on the shelf and I may never touch it again nor play Assassin's Creed: Revelations. I just don't care. I was talking to a friend about this, and I think the reason I'm disliking Brotherhood so much is because it's so much like Assassin's Creed II, which got a lot of leeway because it was the sequel to a game that had a lot of problems. And, as that sort of a sequel, it really shined and impressed. But, the sequel to that is more of the same, and all of the issues really shine through. I've spoken of these issues previously, but, a short recap: the controls are wonky and straight don't work some times. It's especially frustrating near the end of the game. I don't know if this is because I was just sick of it or if it became particularly problematic, but, I was very frustrated. The Leonardo missions are not fun. I played the warship one and the horse-drawn cannon and that was enough for me to know I wanted to avoid those missions. Both involved a shooting mechanic that was imprecise and slow. No fun. The Brotherhood mechanic is still awesome fun, but, obviously not enough to hold the game together. The writing is still fun, Ezio is great and seeing him grow throughout Assassin's Creed II and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood was great. The Desmond stuff is still a little weak, and I'm not enjoying the complete cliffhanger endings that these two games have had. And I'll probably never know how Ezio's story ends, because I highly doubt I will ever buy and play Assassin's Creed: Revelations. Here's hoping that Assassin's Creed III fixes some problems and goes back to being fun.

I played a little DJ Hero 2, just to remind myself how much fun it is. I want to see if I can find a soundtrack for that game. I would love to have some of those mash-ups just in my music library. But, I only played four or five mixes, not a lot at all.

I didn't play much else. Pokémon, of course. I hit a wall needing to train up a Psychic-type, but, I'm truckin' along. I think I beat some trainers out of order, though. I beat Chuck and Jasmine, who were about ten levels over me, but now I'm outside Mt. Mortar and the trainers all have Pokémon ten levels under me. Whoops. Anyway, team currently consists of Drowzee (no nickname, didn't think I'd be using him on my team), Dee (Bayleef), Bob (Vulpix), Olette (Noctowl), Sean (Flaafy), and Glen (Quagsire).

I don't think I'm going to continue Final Fantasy X-2. I haven't played it in weeks and I have zero desire to go back to it. It's just not hooking me in. Maybe it's been too long since I played Final Fantasy X, but... just no interest.

And, that's it! Hopefully next week? I mean this in all seriousness, if anyone reads these and enjoys them, sound off in the comments or send an anon message or something. Something to let me know people legit enjoy these and would like for me to continue, okay?

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Games this week:

  • Xbox 360 - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
  • Playstation 2 - Final Fantasy X-2
  • Game Boy Color - Pokémon: Silver Version

Hah! I remembered to do this at the appropriate time! Unfortunately, I barely played anything this past week. It's been busy.

I did play a little bit of Final Fantasy X-2. Which pretty much consisted of reading all of the tutorials for Sphere Break and going to the Djose Temple and meeting Gippal. All-in-all, about fifteen minutes.

I played a good bit of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. And, I know they wanted to change it up and such, but I'm getting tired of the game making me do things that aren't enjoyable. Piloting Leonardo's boat to take down the Borgia warships? Not fun. Driving that horse cart with the massive gun and trying to shoot people while it's bucking around? Just really frustrating. And desynchronizing as soon as I'm detected? That's extremely irritating. I can't remember if that part was prevalent in previous games. It's really bugging me. But, aside from these complaints, the game's still a lot of fun. It'll never get old getting up behind a guard on a roof and shanking him.

My absolute favorite part is the whole brotherhood mechanic. It's a lot of fun managing my assassin crew and sending them on missions. But the real kicker, as everyone who's even heard of this game probably already knows, is pressing that left bumper and having my assassin's drop on dudes from nowhere. So satisfying! Really sells Ezio, and by extension the player, as a badass leader of a little army.

And then, of course, Pokémon! Just caught myself a Sudowoodo and beat up the Kimono Girls. Team currently is: Olette (Hoothoot), Glen (Quagsire), Dee (Bayleef), Ladyboy (Ledian) is back, Sean (Flaafy), and... Bob. A Vulpix. Don't judge! As much as I love Ladyboy, he's not working out so great right now... I hate bug-type Pokémon, they're always so weak. But I'll roll with him as long as I can.

And then that's it! I've been having the urge to replay Mirror'sEdge, but we'll see if that goes anywhere. See y'all next week!

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Crap, I forgot again! I hope I'm not losing interest in doing these.

Games this week:

  • Xbox 360 - Mass Effect 3
  • Playstation 2 - Final Fantasy X-2
  • Game Boy Color - Pokémon: Silver Version

So! Anyway, to get the big one out of the way first, I played through the new, free DLC for Mass Effect 3, the Extended Cut! I did a much bigger write-up of it earlier this week, but succinctly, I liked it well enough, but I liked the original better.

I also started Final Fantasy X-2 earlier this week. I'm enjoying it so far. I'm at 10% completion, I think, and three hours in. I don't know if I like the combat system as much. Not that it's bad, but, I'm barely using it. I basically switch between Gunner and White/Black Mage for Yuna and leave Paine and Rikku as a Warrior and Thief, respectively. Maybe I'm just under-utilizing it or maybe I find more dresspheres and garment grids later that increase the usefulness, but, yeah. That's where we are right now with it.

And our Pokémon update! I'm 10.5 hours in and I've just beaten Whitney. Plain Badge! My team consists of Olette (Hoothoot), Muscle (Machop), Glen (Wooper), Sean (Flaafy), Dee (Bayleef), and Rocky (Onix). I had a Gastly named Patti for a little while, but then Olette learned Hypnosis and my entire reason for having Patti went away. Alas, Ladyboy has gone. I might switch Muscle back for him, I've never been keen on rolling with a Fighting type in my party.

And that's all! See y'all next week, I'm gonna eat dinner and play some more Final Fantasy X-2!

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@SlightConfuse: There's a new scene just before that, when you're running up to the beam, showing Shepard calling in an evac for your two squadmates. If you have Javik, there's a nice moment between the two of them in that scene.

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@Pezen: I read an interview with... the director? I forget which member of the dev team, but anyway, he recommended starting with the assault on The Illusive Man's base, but, I didn't notice anything new until the final assault to get the transport beam personally.

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So, I finished the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC this morning. And... meh. I mean, I liked the ending of Mass Effect 3 in the first place, so, I was just worried that they would completely change the ending of the game to appease the whiniest of the whiners [NOTE: that's not to say everyone complaining about the ending was whining. There were some legitimate complaints, but, the loudest people I heard were complaining about it not being a happy ending]. And, to a certain extent, they did just that. But, they also closed off a couple loopholes that were really bothering me. Namely, how your squadmates suddenly appeared back on the Normandy after being blown away by a Reaper and why it was in the middle of a mass relay jump when the mass relays exploded. Understood, now! A couple additional cut scenes and we're golden.

The other big thing I noticed was a lot of additional dialogue explaining exactly who the Catalyst is, what the Crucible exactly is, and what each ending choice means. Which is fine and good for anyone who was confused before, but, it basically elaborated on things I had already understood my first time. So, it didn't do much for me.

As far as appeasing people who were unhappy with the grim nature of the ending, it looks like just about everything came up roses! So, I chose the Control ending when I played through originally and this time again for comparison purposes. Additions to make the ending happier! Shepard gets to keep her memories and herself, so, it's not like she actually died. =D And she had the Reapers fix the mass relays! So, no one's stuck anywhere and everyone got to go home and enjoy a nice cuppa. =D In fact, there are now scenes depicting exactly that. =D Frankly, I liked the grim ending a lot better. Seemed more realistic after such an extensive war. Of course everything's going to be in ruins. They knew they were basically going to come out of the other side either devastated or extinct. If anyone lived at all, they'd have to rebuild everything. Now, though, everything's happy and shiny. =D

I still quite enjoy the ending, and the game as a whole, and feel like it's very powerful, I just feel like some of that was stripped away so that it could end happier. The only thing they didn't address was a loophole I read about concerning the explosion of all those relays, though. Ostensibly, earlier in the trilogy a relay exploding is catastrophic and destroys worlds near the relay. That many relays going off near so many inhabited solar system would, presumably, kill trillions. But it's not even touched upon. Other than that, though, it seems like they addressed everything I had heard complained about. For better or for worse.

And, in playing, I was reminded how damned much I enjoyed it! And I love the stinger with Stargazer and the child. Paints the entire trilogy as this story a man was telling his grandchild of a hero hundreds of years ago. AH, so good!

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@JBG4: Thanks! I haven't even had time or energy to game yet this week, so, once I can I'll start with 3 and get into 0 after that.