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@big_jon said:
It seems like European press are always making stupid mistakes like this.
EG is one if the best Brit gaming sites out there.  Plus they can laugh at themselves when they make such a classic fuck up such as this.
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@mystiqualdreams said:
I'd like to start talking to more girls because in all honesty I think it's time for me to have a girlfriend. I'm not super shy but I just don't have a lot of experience talking to girls. What's your best way to talk to girls that you don't know or think are cute?
Get straight to the point.
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Hardly a big issue. 
Retailers will be legally bound to follow a rating system when selling games to kids.  Just like what has existed in the UK since the first 18 rated game back in the 80s. 
This does not reduce the freedom of speech or creativity.  It just makes retailers behave responsibly.
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Far Cry 2 looks fuckin awesome.
Enjoyed this.  Mr Caff did what was expected of him.  Ghost Recon, Far Cry and Creed look great.
p.s. Fuck Just Dance 3 in the eye.

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I am no expert.
If this is hack is correct then what is the possible impact?  i.e. Has PSN been breached again?
p.s. xbox live gets hacked too.  I should know.  Some cunt got hold of my live account and spent my remaining MS points on fifa 2011 dlc.  Thankfully MS on the ball and resolved it for me.  God knows how the gypo got access.

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Sony will use the level of traffic as an excuse for all these problems, but in reality they should have been prepared for the amount of PS3 owners wishing to access the service. 
Trying to access the store for me has been pretty hit and miss with errors occuring on a regular basis.  I have managed to download the Infamous 2 demo though so all is ok;p
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I managed to download the update late last night, but the UK PSN is still awol.

God knows when it will be turned back on.
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@TooWalrus said:
@Empirepaintball said:
 No game will ever get close to representing the antichrist because there would be an uproar. "
Satan is pretty close to the Antichrist, probably even worse (biblically speaking) and he's in tons of games... like Scribblenauts.
I am no expert but I am sure the Antichrist is the son of Satan.  I might be wrong, but I think he represents the opposite from Christ.

As was mentioned he is supposed to be a wolf in sheep's clothing i.e. appears as a Saviour to get a mass following.  But again I am no expert.  Just remember watching a tv prog recently about it.
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Not wanting to moan, but this is beginning to become annoying.

5 days now and no decent information has come out from Sony regarding the breach and how long the service will be down.  Not what I would call great customer service.
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Big weekend so flirting between MK/Socom/Portal 2/Op Flashpoint.

Shame PSN is down.