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Does anyone have a code by any chance? I would of course pass it on. Thanks!

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[H] Dota 2 Hardware Survey, Zombie Driver, -25% Atari, -50% Evil Genius, -25% GSCGames, -25% & -33% Valve

I don't really want any of this so I'm willing to trade them.

There is my wishlist but these are fairly recent and new, so I'll listen to any offers people have. Some additional coal I also wouldn't mind. (Of course you can see what I already have on there as well.)

EDIT: Dota 2 now taken, that's all I expected, I don't think Zombie Driver has the same interest....

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It will be fixed sooner or later, I give up for now anyway....

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Just keep refreshing the page. They didn't pop up for me either, but about 5 refresh's or so seemed to do the trick, I have 4/11 now.

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A code you say? Sure :)

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Driver goes all Life on Mars :P

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Well I really liked Most Wanted, this looks promising!