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If you could only play one game for the rest of your life, what would it be. But WAIT. There's a catch. You can't go online, and you only have one controller. This can be any game that was ever made.

I mean a video game, you guys.

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Hey, guys. Thanks for you recommendations so far, but maybe I wasn't clear in my OP. I'm looking for games that have objectives (mainly getting from point a to point b) and level progression. I'm not looking for "arena" type games where you're in the same room the whole time fighting enemies. That gets boring after a while. @Th3irdEye: I heard that the PS3 version of Bayonetta was pretty flawed. @NerdOnAWire: I actually have Rayman Origins, but I have a few more games to beat before I get to that one.

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Hi. Could you all recommend some games to me that are just FUN to play, and don't rely on story or graphics to make you want to play it. I'm looking for games that I'll want to play multiple play throughs of that won't bore me after playing it again and again. I'm tired of these games that rely on story and big set pieces that lose their impact on the second play through because you've seen it all before (there are a few exceptions to this, I know). I mean, I LOVE Super Mario Galaxy because gameplay is it's selling point, and it's just FUN to play. Yes, it has a story, but it doesn't trying to jam one down your throat. I also loved Metroid Prime because again, that game heavily relied on GAMEPLAY and didn't need the story to be there as an incentive to play it. Lastly, I'm not looking for games that also rely on multiplayer as it's selling point. So, could anyone recommend some games that meets this criteria? Oh, and I'm looking for games with a beginning and an end, so no sports games, racing games, fighting games, or anything of that sort. Oh, yeah, I only have a PS3 and a Wii, so please only recommend games that are available for those consoles. Thanks! Remember, if it's not fun to play and story is really your only incentive to play it, it's not what I'm looking for. You should be able to skip the cutscenes (if there are cutscenes) and still have a blast playing it through more than once.

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because you touch yourself at night.

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@IBurningStar: About the sexism thing. That goes EQUALLY both ways, right? Also, is it okay if I call women bitches and cunts on here if they ARE actually bitches and cunts? (Not all women are bitches and cunts. Just the ones who ARE). What if I make a generally true statement that can be interpreted as sexist, but is actually generally true. By the way, generally true means applies to a general group of people, but not ALL of the people in said group. Also can I call someone a faggot as long as I'm not calling him a faggot because he's gay? Lastly, if I say "that's gay," and I get banned for that, it's actually the mod who is the homophobe because I never said that gay was bad when I said that. That's what the mod implied because deep down, s/he thinks gay is bad. Oh, and what's the chance of me being banned by some butthurt mod because I said something that offended him/her, but didn't offend most other people? (Not saying all mods are butthurt, but some are, and you know the ones I'm talking about. If you got offended by that statement about butthurt mods, you probably are one).

One last thing, I'm not politically correct, and I hate politically correct people who try to censor everything you say. This doesn't mean that I'm racist (far from it) sexist, or homophobic. I just tell the truth, and sadly, most people don't want to hear the truth.

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@Inquisitor_Sif: Well, I agree with the cost issue. I think that may be the reason why. As for size, couldn't they use one of those smaller multidisc changers that are seen in cars like this one

As for storing games on your harddrive, that would be better, I agree, but the problem there lies with the fact that you can't actually rip/install games onto your harddrive, and then play them without the disc which defeats the whole purpose of installing the game in first place (other than to decrease load times).

Anyways, maybe 5 discs is a little too much, but I think a console should at least let you have 2 or 3 discs in there at once. I don't think that will happen though.

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@Grillbar: @TheHumanDove: Wait, you're allowed to curse on here, and say something is retarded on here? Sorry, for being off-topic, but I just have to know this.

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I have been wondering this recently. Why don't companies who make gaming consoles make it so the consoles have a multi-disc changer so you can have like 5 discs in there at once, and it you want to switch back and forth between games, you just have to press a button? I'm looking for a factual reason or reasons for this, not just your opinion. It's fine if you want to give me your opinion, but please state that it is your opinion if you do. Thanks.

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Please give a reason for your opinion. Thanks.

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