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I go to a really large college, so parties are what get me through the week.

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I mean, I'm super stoked for this and it is great news, but REmake still holds up great in my opinion. I would much rather see Resident Evil 2 being remade.

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It does sound like a good idea, but then I remember that I start my freshman year of college in two weeks.

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Recently the site has been pretty much broken for me in chrome. Whenever I post, I get this error message

{"success":0,"errMessage":"An error occured when posting your comment","trackingToken":"event2"}

Also videos won't play. The big circular play button just doesn't appear. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling but it did not work. It seems that this problem may have started when I enabled the click-to-play plugins function in chrome, but I've since turned that off and it also did not fix my problem. Also, I don't run adblock.
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Kripparrian, Northernlion, Kassemg

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How can they program in weird things like this but not program the game to just lock up to prevent piracy all together?

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It convinced me to not buy a new console because PC games yo

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Can someone explain to me what they mean by save/kill the animals?

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Knowing whether or not to go for the face is a very complex decision and some pros even struggle with it. You should always justify WHY you are killing there minion. Killing a 1/1 with a 4/5 may not sound like a good idea but if you afraid of blessing of kings or you happen to have a 2/1 on the board, then it is right to kill it. If their minion poses no threat to any of yours (it's attack is less than the health of all of your minions) then it's usually right to let it live, unless you fear they may have a taunt and you would be unable to deal with either minion next turn. A lot of people think that having a taunt minion on the board is a good enough reason to not trade minions but then you are really weak to hard removal (hex, sheep, etc.) and burn spells (fireball, eviscerate, etc.). In general, going for the face is more risky but if you've really thought out the possible consequences and you think you can deal with whatever happens, then it is fine.

Playing around hero powers is key, you should almost treat all druid/mage/rogue minions as if they 1 more attack that they really do. Obviously taunts interfere with this thought process and the druids and rogues actually have to take damage, but it's still something to pay close attention to. In the example I mentioned earlier, it would right to trade off your 2/1 for the 1/1 because the 2/1 would just die to a hero power next turn for free.

It gets even more complicated when you start to play around things like flamestrike, consecration, unleash the hounds, etc. If you fear these spells, make inefficient trades because if you don't your stuffs gonna die for free.

It's really hard as a beginner but always try to put your opponent on a hand. If you KNOW that flamestrike or hex or whatever would have been a better play than what he did, then you know he doesn't have that card.

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@gelatinousgelboy: Patrick should always Arena with his gold I think. It's only a little bit more expensive than a pack and once you lose you'll always get a pack. Plus it's good practice in many respects and, also, fun.

I think that's a terrible idea, as Arena really is meant for more advanced players (most Limited formats are). Sure, he'll still get a pack at the end, but he's basically wasting the extra 50 gold because I almost guarantee he'll end up going 0-3 and 1-3 every single time because the only people who play Arena regularly generally know what the good picks are. Anyone who has ever played a CCG before can pretty easily jump into Arena and put together a decent deck, but at this point, THAT IS NOT PATRICK.

He has to learn the cards, and he's not gonna do that playing constructed. Each time he will improve, which is worth more than 20-30 gold.