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I can't really distinguish them in my head.

When Patrick left I thought the quality may go down but Dan has been a adequate substitute. I guess the best run to date was when Ryan and Patrick were both still on.

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I think it depends on what you do. For example, computer graphics involved a ton of linear algebra and matrix theory and such and machine learning requires a lot of upper-level statistics knowledge. I imagine if you were working on a physics engine you need a good deal of vector calculus and mechanics experience.

At some point, to be considered a "real programmer" or whatever, you will need to know some pretty basic linear algebra, calculus, and discrete math for sure.

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Uncharted was really cool. Crazy how games that seem relatively bug-free can be completely broken by these speedrunners.

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I love Patrick, but I hate Kotaku.


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3 is definitely the most frustrating/worst controlling MGS game so it ought to be interesting.

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to not set a stupid new year's resolution that I know I'm gonna give up on by the middle of january

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You will be missed.

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I kind of just defaulted to gamepad on this one because playing MGS with a keyboard just sounded wrong. Guess I'll have to give it a go.

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I don't know if Hearthstone counts because it was in a pretty complete beta since August, but it's my GOTY right now.