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I kind of just defaulted to gamepad on this one because playing MGS with a keyboard just sounded wrong. Guess I'll have to give it a go.

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I don't know if Hearthstone counts because it was in a pretty complete beta since August, but it's my GOTY right now.

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I beat Mom on my first run, but have sort of been struggling since. It will take some getting used to, I haven't played any Isaac in over a year and forgot what most of the items do. I assume that they have added some stuff after the chest. Or at least I hope so...

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I go to a really large college, so parties are what get me through the week.

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I mean, I'm super stoked for this and it is great news, but REmake still holds up great in my opinion. I would much rather see Resident Evil 2 being remade.

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It does sound like a good idea, but then I remember that I start my freshman year of college in two weeks.

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Recently the site has been pretty much broken for me in chrome. Whenever I post, I get this error message

{"success":0,"errMessage":"An error occured when posting your comment","trackingToken":"event2"}

Also videos won't play. The big circular play button just doesn't appear. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling but it did not work. It seems that this problem may have started when I enabled the click-to-play plugins function in chrome, but I've since turned that off and it also did not fix my problem. Also, I don't run adblock.
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Kripparrian, Northernlion, Kassemg

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How can they program in weird things like this but not program the game to just lock up to prevent piracy all together?

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It convinced me to not buy a new console because PC games yo