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8/10? I think... it's really hard to say as I've seen it about a dozen times. It's the family tradition to watch it on Christmas Eve, and sometimes if you like a movie as a kid it'll effect your ability to legitimately critique it later in life.

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I really, really (really) want to see them do game of the generation awards.

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The people in the audience laugh because they're expected to laugh. Everyone around them is doing it, so they do it too.

I don't know anyone who actually genuinely finds his material funny.

I'll raise my hand and say "I enjoy The Daily Show."

I'll raise my hand right along with you. I genuinely enjoy The Daily Show a lot.

I think I a lot of people genuinely like The Daily Show.

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Doesn't really sound like something I'd want to do after Ryan's passing.

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Didn't really enjoy it too much until that emotionally-charged ending. I thought it was done really well, especially when he comes to the water for the first time after losing Aya. At the same time, I wasn't a huge Journey fan, either.

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You pretty much nailed it with Mega Man X.

Call of Duty

I lol'd

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For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica

(Runner-up) Notorious Thugs by Biggie and Bone Thugs

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Will me unredeemed points card eventually be nonredeemable?

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It's a tough call because I enjoyed SR3 far more than GTA4. on the other hand, GTASA is probably my favorite game of all time and GTA5 looks like it is going to be very similar. So I'm gonna go with GTA5.