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That's what Hearthstone is for.

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8/10? I think... it's really hard to say as I've seen it about a dozen times. It's the family tradition to watch it on Christmas Eve, and sometimes if you like a movie as a kid it'll effect your ability to legitimately critique it later in life.

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I really, really (really) want to see them do game of the generation awards.

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@toowalrus said:

@erhard said:

The people in the audience laugh because they're expected to laugh. Everyone around them is doing it, so they do it too.

I don't know anyone who actually genuinely finds his material funny.

I'll raise my hand and say "I enjoy The Daily Show."

I'll raise my hand right along with you. I genuinely enjoy The Daily Show a lot.

I think I a lot of people genuinely like The Daily Show.

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Doesn't really sound like something I'd want to do after Ryan's passing.

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Didn't really enjoy it too much until that emotionally-charged ending. I thought it was done really well, especially when he comes to the water for the first time after losing Aya. At the same time, I wasn't a huge Journey fan, either.

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You pretty much nailed it with Mega Man X.

Call of Duty

I lol'd

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For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica

(Runner-up) Notorious Thugs by Biggie and Bone Thugs

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Will me unredeemed points card eventually be nonredeemable?