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This is a huge, sad waste of a great talent, this situation is fucking garbage, and we of the "gaming enthusiast culture" are all goddamn hypocrites for thinking we would be able to conduct ourselves any better than Phil Fish if we were simultaneously being praised as an Indie Visionary, being personally insulted by a million anonymous assholes on twitter, AND being expected to act as our own PR department, which I might remind you, requires you to stay on twitter and answer the press's questions forever to promote your game.

What did we expect? What did we want the guy to apologize for, his entire life?? We were so quick to blame Phil Fish for the sins every one of us has committed as a member of the Internet. Because he's "famous," which in this case means... he made a game.

We suck, and now there's no FEZ 2.

Fuck us.

I like the point of view of this man.

I like it a lot.

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Anybody else find it funny that two people to have a tiny spat with each other just so happen to be what I'm eating for dinner, "Fish & Beer."

Might as well do some blow while you're at it.

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the fuck is a tosspot, anyway?

You serious?

Well, I got the gist of it from handy dandy context clues.

I was just downplaying the stupid shit that Beer was going on about (because fuck that guy) by bringing up some unimportant detail of his rant, and ... you know... trying to be funny, kind of.

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the fuck is a tosspot, anyway?

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that dude need to relax

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Dude can be brash and opinionated, but dude gets attacked a lot.

Out of curiosity, what does he get attacked about? Isn't he some lone wolf dude who made one sidescrolling puzzler in his career? How and why exactly is such a person subject to attacks?

If this was a big time AAA developer with angry fans or disgusted journalists, it would make more sense.

He delayed the original Fez many, many times and took a lot of shit for it every single time, and he's the kind of guy that takes every single bit of that to heart for some reason.

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Did you like... talk to him?

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Does anyone know if the Bioshock series (1+2) has been on sale yet?

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I listened to this episode of Rebel FM featuring Giancarlo Varanini. At the end of the podcast, he mentioned that he was also on this episode of the Bombcast the previous week. So I listened to it. I was instantly in love. For the first few months I only listened to the podcasts and never really looked at any other part of the site. But then I made an account and became part of this amazing community. As much as I am ashamed to admit it, the Bombcast did bore me for awhile there and I quit listening to the podcast. I don't remember the exact amount, but it was probably 4 months, at least. This was back when I listened to 10-15 podcasts every week. I don't even remember when this would've been so I can't really go back and listen to those, at least not without listening to every podcast. Now it's pretty much the only podcast I make time for.

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Even though we didn't, we all feel like we knew him on a personal level. We felt like if we saw him in public we could go up to him and just start a conversation with no hesitation. Like he was our long time pal or something.

This fucking sucks.


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I don't really frequent it that much anymore, is it that bad?