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Doesn't really sound like something I'd want to do after Ryan's passing.

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Didn't really enjoy it too much until that emotionally-charged ending. I thought it was done really well, especially when he comes to the water for the first time after losing Aya. At the same time, I wasn't a huge Journey fan, either.

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You pretty much nailed it with Mega Man X.

Call of Duty

I lol'd

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For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica

(Runner-up) Notorious Thugs by Biggie and Bone Thugs

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Will me unredeemed points card eventually be nonredeemable?

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It's a tough call because I enjoyed SR3 far more than GTA4. on the other hand, GTASA is probably my favorite game of all time and GTA5 looks like it is going to be very similar. So I'm gonna go with GTA5.

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This is a huge, sad waste of a great talent, this situation is fucking garbage, and we of the "gaming enthusiast culture" are all goddamn hypocrites for thinking we would be able to conduct ourselves any better than Phil Fish if we were simultaneously being praised as an Indie Visionary, being personally insulted by a million anonymous assholes on twitter, AND being expected to act as our own PR department, which I might remind you, requires you to stay on twitter and answer the press's questions forever to promote your game.

What did we expect? What did we want the guy to apologize for, his entire life?? We were so quick to blame Phil Fish for the sins every one of us has committed as a member of the Internet. Because he's "famous," which in this case means... he made a game.

We suck, and now there's no FEZ 2.

Fuck us.

I like the point of view of this man.

I like it a lot.

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Anybody else find it funny that two people to have a tiny spat with each other just so happen to be what I'm eating for dinner, "Fish & Beer."

Might as well do some blow while you're at it.

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@benpicko said:

@sjschmidt93 said:

the fuck is a tosspot, anyway?

You serious?

Well, I got the gist of it from handy dandy context clues.

I was just downplaying the stupid shit that Beer was going on about (because fuck that guy) by bringing up some unimportant detail of his rant, and ... you know... trying to be funny, kind of.